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Newborn photography, what to expect.

We wrote some frequently asked questions and answers below for our newborn photography, and what to expect. It is natural to have some concerns about bringing your brand new baby to a studio to have photos taken and no question is too silly. If your question isn’t answered here, please let us know and we will add it in. 

Sara has a safety certification to photograph newborn babies issued by the Master Photographers Association meaning that she has had to demonstrate safe practices and knowledge. Being a nursery teacher also means regular updates to her paediatric first aid qualifications. The Rushbys are fully insured and take safety very seriously.

The newborn photography industry is not regulated. Therefore, it is VITAL that you ensure your photographer has received the appropriate training so that they know how to safely pose and work with your new baby. At Newborn Love, we are very experienced, have had extensive training, are fully insured, and hold a Newborn Safety Certification. This is only awarded by the Master Photographer’s Association after a rigorous assessment of our health and safety practices. Why would you put your new baby at risk with a photographer who has had no training at all?

You can book as soon as you have had your first scan.  It is a good idea to plan ahead as there is not always availability if you wait until your baby has arrived. However, it is possible to photograph babies that are older, so you won’t miss out either way.

The diary of a newborn photographer is a complicated place. When you get in touch, we reserve a few potential sessions around your due date. Most babies don’t arrive on time so it is our responsibility to make sure that we can accommodate you within 3 weeks of your baby being born.

We allow plenty of time in case your baby needs a few extra feeds and cuddles. The most important thing is that we don’t want you to stress about it. We are gentle, patient and kind. It is very unusual for a session to have to be cancelled whilst it is in progress, but every baby is different and we work around them. We are 100% baby-led and won’t force anything. No shot is worth more than the comfort of your baby.

We allow up to 3 hours for newborn photography. This is so that you can have a relaxed and unhurried experience and so that the session can be baby-led.  Some sessions can progress quickly and others may take longer. We just want to ensure you and your baby are safe and comfortable.

Whilst the main focus is on your beautiful baby, we think it is important for all immediate family members to be in the photographs. You may not look and feel your best but these photos are for your children when they grow up. They won’t care if you look tired, they will just want to see what you looked like when they were born. We use several different set-ups in our signature neutral colour palettes.

Newborn photography taken by a trained, professional photographer is an investment. Long after those essential newborn items such as prams and nappies are no longer needed, your images will stand the test of time and give you great pleasure for the rest of your lives and for future generations of your family.

To secure a session you pay a £95 booking fee which is then deducted from the cost of your package/artwork.

We have invested hours and hours into training and pride ourselves on being photographers with safety as our highest priority.  All of the families that visit us appreciate our professionalism and feel that their baby is in safe hands at all times and love the high-quality artwork that we offer. We are transparent with our pricing and will send a full guide upon request.

After your session, we aim to have a viewing session around 1 week later. As soon as you have selected your images, we will begin preparing them. Depending on the items you order, you should have everything within 3 weeks (some of our items are handmade to order in Italy therefore you can expect to wait longer for them to arrive).

We of course offer digital options. However, we mostly specialise in printed artwork as we believe this is the best way to enjoy your artwork for years to come.  We find that many people take digitals and sadly never get around to printing them which is such a shame. Our Italian collections include a mixture of printed artwork and matching digitals.

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