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Capturing the beauty and chaos of family moments.

So you know that family portraits are an important memory but the thought of getting everyone dressed, ready, and at the studio fills you with dread? All those ‘what ifs’ run through your mind. What if the kids don’t behave? What if they spill their snack all down their crisp, clean top? What if they have a tantrum or the photographer judges me?

Let’s get this one out now… Lee and I don’t have any children so we are in no position to judge anything. We have a furbaby and know that sometimes we are scared to take her anywhere different because quite honestly, she is a bit of a pain at times.

Sara has been an early years teacher for the last 26 years so is very much used to working with young children and recognising when they might get overwhelmed. Sara has seen every type of tantrum and heard every possible piece of 3-year-old gossip or unfunny jokes that make parents cringe! Most of Sara’s ‘besties’ are under 5 so it’s fair to say, she is quite at home with younger children and can help to make them feel at ease.

We work with families both in the studio and on location so you can decide which is the right option for you and your family. At certain times of the year we offer family mini-session packages.


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