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Baby Photoshoot Prices

How much does milestone photography cost? It’s a valid question, especially considering the significant expenses of having a baby and the need for all those expensive essentials. You are possibly at the stage where you are looking at other photographers and you will naturally start to compare by price.

Here’s the part where it gets tricky to avoid sounding cliché. All those must-have baby items you’ve gathered… well, they won’t be needed forever, they have a minimal shelf life. But your photos? Those will give you immense enjoyment day after day for the rest of your life. As your children grow, they will love seeing those images of themselves as a baby and you will wonder how it was ever possible that they were so tiny. (Plus, you have ready-made photos to embarrass them on their 18th Birthday!)

Our Prices

To give you an idea of the costs for baby photography and artwork, see below.

Digital Products

£ 495
  • Digital images
  • Delivered on USB
  • Available with or without physical prints
  • Discounted bundles available

Session Fee

£ 95
  • 2-3hr session
  • Refundable against purchase
  • 9 years experience
  • Artwork consultation & ordering session

Printed Artwork

£ 495
  • Canvas, Metal or Acrylic
  • Handmade products from Italy
  • Fully customisable
  • Display in your home
  • Enjoy every day

Available Products

Printed pictures are not just pixels on a screen; they’re real, touchable stories that bring your family moments to life. When placed on the walls of your home, suddenly, your wall becomes a gallery of your life’s top highlights so no more scrolling through endless pics on your phone.

Combine this concept with a selection of the most exquisite art pieces, and you’ve got memories of heirloom quality, ready to be passed down through the generations.

These aren’t off-the-shelf products; many of them are handmade in Italy by master craftsmen offering a fully customisable touch to make each piece uniquely yours.


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