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Baby Photography

Growing Smiles: Playful Baby Photography for Older Babies, Celebrating Every Milestone.

What if you’ve missed the opportunity to capture the newborn phase in photographs? First of all… don’t panic.

Honestly, we initially focused on photographing newborns strictly within the first 28 days and then waited until 3 months before we would offer the next milestone photoshoot. However, as we connected with more families, we came to realise that so many circumstances might prevent you from making it to the studio in those initial weeks. It didn’t seem fair to place that kind of pressure on new families.

Welcome to our sessions for ‘not-quite-newborns.’ Once babies pass that first few weeks, it might not be possible to create those curly, sleepy poses that are often associated with newborn photography but it is still possible to take beautiful images of your baby, even if they are slightly older. In fact, any time during that first year can be photographed.

Some parents prefer to wait so that they can capture those cute expressions and smiles. These sessions are very much baby-led and have a more natural style. We can photography any point within the first year from not-quite-newborns to sitters to a cake smash.


Older babies that are past the sleepy newborn phase give the cutest expressions.


Tummy Time is another gorgeous milestone to capture.

Got a little sitter? How clever! Let’s celebrate with a sitter session.


Where has that first year gone? It flies by right? Let’s get messy with a cake smash!

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Studio Experience

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