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Is newborn photography worth it?

is newborn photography worth it

Is newborn photography worth it? This is a valid question. These days our phones can take pretty incredible photographs. It can be tempting to think you can save yourself money by taking your own photographs. Of course, you will take hundreds from the moment they arrive. You will also LOVE every, single photograph that you take of your baby. There are a few reasons you may still want to consider hiring a professional.

St Albans newborn photographer, Newborn Love answers the question ‘Is newborn photography worth it?’

Specialist Knowledge

Is newborn photography worth it?
image credit melissa wells photography

I often see pictures like this and although they make me smile, there is something more worrying about them. Newborn photographers are specialists in their craft. They should have taken extensive training in order to know how to pose babies safely. Taking your own photos should be more ‘in-the-moment’ and more lifestyle-type photos where you are not posing your baby. Leave the posing to the professionals. Safety first!

Technical Knowledge

Specialist photographers will know exactly the right angles to take their photographs from. They know how to perfectly capture all of those unique newborn features. They will use lenses designed for the job whether that be wide angles or macro. Professional photographs know exactly how to direct the light in order to create those creamy, dreamy colours and the right amount of contrast. They will gently feather the light across baby whereas an iPhone flash is direct and harsh.

Colours and Textures

Newborn photographers often have a wide variety of colours and textures that compliment your images. Soft wools, textured blankets and burlap can all create a stunning backdrop for your baby. Often in the home, pictures are taken of the baby on colourful furniture/bedding/floors and they can be really distracting. Newborn photographers know how to make your baby the star of the image.

Image enhancement

Newborn photographers use powerful editing software. They can perfect the finer details in your images and create something artistic and beautiful. You will truly treasure these images for many years to come. Below is an example of a photograph I took on my iPhone versus the one that I took on my canon camera after editing. Photographers can also crop your images to the exact size that you will need or make lower-resolution copies that you can easily share on social media.

Is newborn photography worth it

Stunning Artwork

Newborn photographers are passionate about their craft. They will want you to enjoy your artwork in creative ways. Professional photographers often have access to art products that are not available to the general public. This means they can create something quite unique for you. The quality you will receive is likely to be higher than the products found on the high street.

Newborn photography isn’t for everyone. At a time that already seems expensive, hiring a professional photographer may be low on your list of priorities. However, once the nappies, bottles and babygrows are no longer needed, all that is left are theses special memories. They will never be this tiny again.

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