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Why print your photos?

Why print your photos? It’s just so easy to have them on your phone or your device and never get around to printing them. Here’s what happened when I lost 10 years worth of photographic memories.

Moving Home

I was really excited as I started unpacking the boxes in our first home together. Before we met, both Lee and I spent a significant period of time living overseas and travelling. As we unpacked and came across memorabilia from our travels we shared our funny travel stories with each other.

I had already planned a wall in the house to be our ‘World Travel Wall,’ where we would print photos from all the places we had travelled to separately and would begin adding pictures of the travelling we will do in the future. I even had the frames ready.

Where is my hard drive?

As the last boxes emptied and everything had a new home, I began to panic – where was my hard drive? Surely I hadn’t lost it. As the reality hit I was distraught – irreplaceable memories on a hard drive that I hadn’t backed up. How could I have been so careless not to have them saved somewhere else? To say I was upset is an understatement – I cried for ages. I had meant to get around to printing some of my favourite images but hadn’t had the chance. I looked at the empty wall with sadness – I would have to change my plans now and I would forget some of the amazing sites I have seen over the years without a picture to remind me.

Lee to the rescue

When Lee came across me as a sobbing mess I could barely even talk to tell him what had happened. When I finally was able to, he just smiled. “It’s a good job I’m awesome,” he said (something Lee frequently says about himself (!)

Apparently, Lee had backed up my hard drive when we lived in our old flat because he knows how forgetful I am and how I lose everything. The relief! I had come so close to losing everything to remind me of those travels, to leave behind as my legacy for future generations.

This was the biggest lesson for me and now I always back up everything. 

This story is the reason that we always include printed products for our newborn clients because of my near disaster with my travel images.

Whilst we do offer digitals with our packages, we always advise our clients to back up the images. But even better, a professionally printed image that can go straight on the wall is forever.

If you value printed artwork in the same way that we do, please do get in touch to find out more about our stunning collections.

Some of my saved memories…

why print your photographs
Antarctica for Christmas
why print your photographs
Jungle trekking to see orangutans in Borneo
why print your photographs
Camping on the beach in Oman

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