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Why are photographs so valuable?

So why are photographs so valuable? A photograph is so much more than a picture printed on a piece of paper, or a digital file somewhere in the depths of your computer or on a device. The image is a moment in time, a part of history that happened and can never be repeated. It is these memories and moments that become your family legacy.

It’s really sad to think about but one day, we will all only exist in photographs, it will be the only way that future generations will look back with fascination upon their ancestors, the people in the family that contributed to the person they are now.

With so many cameras and devices that can take photos, has the value of photography decreased? Definitely not in our opinion.

I came across this picture taken of me when I was a baby in Trafalgar Square. I don’t remember this but I love looking at it. The expression on my face is priceless – I am clearly not impressed that my parents were encouraging the pigeons to land on me!

The picture is printed on a glossy square paper, the quality only slightly faded over time and it has that smell – you know the old smell of a bunch of papers that have been stored in the suitcase in the loft. We still have them all, all of those family memories and all of the generations gone by that I never knew. Occasionally we talk about going through them and throwing some out but every time we start, we just can’t – this is our family history. We all become animated as we recall stories that we remember as a family or stories about my parents and grandparents and stories from the war that leave me so spellbound that I just want to find out more.

All of these feelings and emotions just from a single “piece of paper with an image printed on it.”

When we think about this in the context of a newborn we can see the importance of documenting those tiny details. They grow and change so quickly, it is almost unfair how quickly that special newborn phase passes. They will literally never be that tiny ever again. We can’t stop time, we can’t reverse it but we can freeze it, just for a second. As your baby grows up, they won’t be able to believe that they were once so small that they could fit between your hands.

They will marvel at how you looked when they were born, the love and emotion in the family portraits that show just how special it was to be the newest member of the family – the start of your baby’s life history.

Working with a professional photographer ensures that all of your images will best capture those details. We are very passionate about what we do and love nothing more than delivering artistic and timeless images for our clients that they absolutely treasure for a lifetime. If you print images for the wall, every time you walk past you will remember all the emotions and how it felt to welcome your baby into the world, you will remember the magic of watching a professional photographer carefully position your baby in ways that showcase all of those adorable and unique newborn features.

This is why working with a newborn photographer is an investment. This is why what we do is so much more than handing you a digital file or printed photograph. It is not the file that is valuable, it is everything that it represents for you and your family.

After your baby has grown out or clothes and nappies and cuddles – it is the images that remain forever.

To find out more about how we work with you to capture your journey into parenthood please have a look at our latest offer below and get in touch.

We recommend booking before baby arrives and operate a flexible booking system around your due date that allows us to make changes should your baby arrive earlier or later than planned.

They are only this tiny once… after 14 days you will have missed this amazing opportunity forever. That’s why photographs are so valuable.


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