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Top 5 books for pregnancy

We asked our guest blogger, Louise her Top 5 books for pregnancy. As we are currently in lockdown, now is the perfect time to be reading pregnancy books.

Here are the top 5:

‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ New 5th edition, Heidi Murkoff.’

I recommend this book as it has a lot of information to read. I’ll be honest when it first arrived in the post I was like jeez, that’s a big book! But it is jam-packed full of information about anything and everything. From your pregnancy lifestyle to weekly updates about what you and your baby are going through. It also includes sections covering labour and delivery as well as the first 6 weeks after the new arrival. I find it easy to pick up and continue reading whenever I have a moment. Even if it is to just read a page or two. Sometimes I can delve into a whole chapter about exercise or food/meals. Order the book here.

Top 5 books for pregnancy

‘What to eat when you’re pregnant’ -Dr Rana Conway.’

As someone who is a fussy eater, I really wanted to try new foods during my pregnancy. I want to expose my baby to more exciting foods than what I am used to. Therefore, I really wanted a book that clearly outlined the food I am and am not allowed to eat. It was interesting to read why certain foods should be avoided. I now know why they shouldn’t be eaten so often. I found this book particularly helpful as there is a very detailed list which is clear to understand. Order the book here

‘Your Babycare Bible’ – Dr AJR Waterston.’

I came across this book in a book shop. It’s rather large but once I’d had a look through it, I knew it was for me. When I was studying for my Level 3 Childcare qualification I had a book similar to this. It was my bible during college as it had the answers to everything I wanted to learn about. This book covers topics such as: preparing the nursery, baby massage, first aid and recipes for different ages. It covers a lot of information. I can see myself referring to it before, during and after having a baby. It’s also full of cute baby pictures! Order the book here

Top 5 books for pregnancy

‘The big fat activity book for pregnant people’ – Jordan Reid & Erin Williams.

James bought this book for me when I was having a hormonal week during the first trimester. It has some information in it but to be honest it’s just good fun! It’s a good book to read about pregnancy that isn’t full of text to read. Instead, it has word searches, colouring pages, pregnancy quizzes and more which help pass the time, especially at the moment. Order the book here

Top 5 books for pregnancy

‘The expectant dad’s survival guide, everything you need to know.’ Rob Kemp.’

Pregnancy is not just about the mother, the father is just as important! It’s good not to leave them out when it comes to reading. I came across this book and thought it would be good for James to read something. This book is written for men and James has mentioned he likes to read it. It’s easy to understand and laid out clearly. Order the book here

Top 5 books for pregnancy

There are soooo many books out there, it’s overwhelming to choose which ones to read. It’s important to research the books and make sure they are relevant and have good reviews. These are my current Top 5 books for pregnancy.

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