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The best way to choose a newborn photographer

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure about the best way to choose a newborn photographer?

It is an important decision and many factors may influence your choice: cost, distance, style and reputation. When you first start looking for a photographer, you may be surprised at the cost of hiring a photographer. At this stage, it is very easy to let price be the influencing factor. However, don’t be too quick to go for the cheapest option. We are going to explain some things to consider when choosing the right photographer for you.

Studio or Home

It is a good idea to make a list of things you are hoping for before you start contacting photographers. This will save you time as a quick glance at their website will tell you if they offer what you want. For instance, do you want to go to a studio, or would you rather have the photos taken in your home? Some photographers will offer both whilst others only one or the other.

Safety and reputation

In this digital age, it is very easy to ‘dig around’ and find out what others are saying about different photographers. Have a look at their Google reviews or Facebook Reviews. Do they sound like the kind of photographer you would want to work with? check if they are properly insured. Some studios like us, will have a Newborn Safety Certification meaning that they have taken extra steps to ensure a safe experience for you and your new baby.


Have a good look at the different websites because this will show you what each photographer offers. If you like something different from the images on their portfolio, then they probably won’t offer what you are looking for. Do you like artistic pieces with lots of props, or images that are natural and timeless? Do you want siblings or pets included? Can you see this in their work? It’s important to be drawn to the style that a photographer offers.

Art choices

It is a good idea to consider what you want at the end of the photoshoot. Are you looking for digitals only or specialist art products that you can display in your home? Many photographers will have sourced art products that complement their work and give you lots of different options for display. Check that the photographer offers what you are looking for or be open to looking at options you hadn’t considered before.


You should consider how far away you are willing to travel with a newborn. Some people like a photographer’s style so much that they are willing to travel to them. Others would prefer a studio much closer to home. It is your decision about the distance you will travel.


I have left price until last as it should not be your only consideration when choosing a photographer. If you have found a photographer with an excellent, safe reputation and whose style you love then you are really close to making your decision. Many people at this stage can be put off by the prices of that photographer. Ultimately, you need to spend what you are comfortable with. However, it is reasonable to expect that an experienced photographer will charge more than a start-up photographer. It is important to consider which photographer you want to handle and pose your new baby. The one with limited experience or the one with training, insurance and safety certifications. You will honestly never regret spending on something as valuable as artwork of your baby at a time when they will never be that tiny again.

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