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The Best Time to Book Your Newborn Photographer

when to book a newborn photographer

If you are wondering when the best time to book your newborn photographer is, this post explains why it’s good to plan ahead.

Can I wait until I have had my baby?

You can definitely wait. It can seem like a strange concept to book something before you have even had your baby! It is worth noting, however, that popular studios get booked up to 6 months in advance. They have to take account of a baby arriving earlier or later than planned. That means they cannot risk over-booking. If you wait until your baby has arrived, you risk not being able to get an appointment with your favourite photographer.

Another point about waiting is that those first few days pass by in one long blur. The days pass and when you finally start to feel more like yourself, your baby is already 1 month old. Booking ahead means that you don’t miss those unique newborn moments.

When can I book a newborn photographer

When can I book a newborn photographer?

We always recommend waiting until you have had that first scan to check all is OK. As soon as you have had the ‘all clear,’ you can start looking. Most photographers will reserve a session or two around 1/2 weeks after your due date. Once your baby has arrived, they can confirm the best appointment for you.

What am I looking for in a newborn photographer?

This is a long and complicated question to answer. I have addressed some considerations in this blog ‘How to Choose a Newborn Photographer’

Ultimately, you need to love their work, know that your baby will be safe and consider the services that they offer. Every photographer is different.

When to book a newborn photographer

Why are some photographers so expensive?

This is again, a complicated answer. Expensive means different things to different people. This is more about value. These images are something you will enjoy forever as will future generations of your family. There are lots of reasons why photographers charge what they do. I have written this blog about ‘Newborn photographer costs’ When the safety of your baby is at stake, the price really should not be your only consideration.

Hopefully, this was a useful article to help you know when to book a newborn photographer. Please contact us if you would like to check availability around your due date.

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