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What I love best about being a newborn photographer

Being a Newborn Photographer and the best parts of the job

Being a newborn photographer is a wonderful and rewarding job. There are so many highlights that I could talk about but to keep things simple, here are my top 5.

#1: Newborn Cuddles

Let’s get this one out there straight away. There is nothing sweeter than newborn cuddles and definitely a perk of being a newborn photographer. Not only because tiny babies are just adorable but also because it is a lovely feeling to be able to give tired new parents a bit of a break.  From the moment families arrive in our studio, we ‘take over’ and give them a chance to relax and reflect.

Best part of being a newborn photographer

#2: Peaceful parents

There can be a lot of stress for newborn parents when it comes to visiting a studio for photographs. Even getting out of the house can seem a challenge and that is before the hundreds of worries start flooding their minds. What if my baby cries? What if they won’t settle, Is it safe? and the list goes on.  Being a bit of an empath, Sara can often sense or feel other people’s emotions and worries. There is very often a point during the session when you can physically feel that the parents have relaxed. That is a very satisfying parent of the job, gaining the trust of new parents through your actions.

newborn photographer holding a baby in studio

#3 Tilted heads

So the parents are relaxed and finally enjoying the session. As a newborn photographer, at this point, I know I can crack on with my workflow. However, one of my favourite things is to peek back towards the parents. They often sit side-by-side, heads tilted slightly (usually in the same direction) looking adoringly at their baby. it is honestly the cutest!

mum and dad having photographs taken on new baby

#4 Adoring glances

Another moment I love as a newborn photographer is seeing parents watch each other have their portraits taken.  That and the audible ‘awwww’s and looks of absolute pride between them. It makes me think I should have a reaction cam set up in the studio.

#5: The Reveal tears

Once the session is completed and everyone goes back to their everyday lives, there is one more moment that I love as a newborn photographer.  When we invite parents back to reveal their images to them, I love seeing them overcome with emotion and knowing the power and value of the images I create for them.  Often even in that moment, parents don’t realise how important these images are. But they will. Maybe not next week. maybe not next year. But in time, they will absolutely understand how such images only increase in value.


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