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Getting ready for baby

getting ready for baby

Emily Flax has written this helpful guest blog about her fantastic course ‘Be ready for baby by BABIES‘ which is based in Welwyn Garden City. Be Ready for Baby by BABIES (Birth and Baby, Information, Education, Support) is a fun, practical and informative baby care course for expectant parents. The class is new to Welwyn […]

Baby Photography St Albans

For baby photography, St Albans, welcome to Newborn Love! We are a specialist newborn studio and photograph babies between 6 – 14 days. This blog is to help new parents learn about newborn photography so that they can make an informed decision. What are your goals? Firstly, consider what is important to you and why. […]

Which photos do you take during a newborn photography session?

newborn baby laying on tummy with big wide awake eyes

Want to know which photos do you take during a newborn photography session? When parents turn up to the studio, looking both tired and proud they usually say. “All they do is sleep all the time so it should be fine.” At this point, I usually put my finger to my lips and jokingly say […]