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St Albans Newborn Photography

St Albans newborn photography studio, Newborn Love specialise in photographing babies up to 14 days old.

If you are currently expecting a baby, you may be looking for a photographer that can capture those early days after your baby is born.

St Albans Newborn Photography

Keeping it safe

“Sara and Lee just have such a wonderful aura about themselves and know they have all the right experience with newborns they know what they’re doing.” Chloe – Hertford

Above all else, safety is THE most important aspect of what we do. Not all newborn photographers have had the appropriate training. Some have had no training at all. We would never put a particular pose/image before the safety of your baby. This is why we invest in training and refresh it every year. We also achieved a ‘newborn safety certification’ from the Master Photographer’s Association. This involved having a panel of images judged for quality and scrutiny of the health and safety practices we employ at the studio.

Some of the newborn photography specialists we have trained with include Tobias Robins & Diana McCormick, Russ Jackson and Melanie East.


Home from home experience

“It was like walking into a family” – Chloe, Hertford

We loved receiving this feedback because giving a safe and comfortable experience is one of our top priorities. Our studio is located in our home so it has all the comforts you would expect. Unlimited refreshments, large, comfortable sofas (perfect for a little nap), and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

st albans baby photography

Mind readers

” We were In complete awe of Sara and Lee as they worked their magic. They managed to move our baby into different poses effortlessly and without disturbing her. “ Jenna, London

Myself and Lee are not just business partners. We are life partners so we know each other extremely well. We know what the other is thinking and work seamlessly in the studio. Lee has been nicknamed ‘The Viking Baby Whisperer’ because of his big, burly appearance. Most importantly, two photographers mean double the skill, expertise and attention we can give to you and your new baby. It adds another layer of safety for you.

St Albans Newborn Photography

Understanding your needs

By the time you visit us, you will have just had a new baby. Coming to a studio, so soon after birth may seem like a daunting experience. We know this and understand. That is why we have made sure we look after you from the moment to arrive until it’s time to leave. We will explain everything we are doing so you don’t need to feel worried. You can have as much tea and coffee as you can drink and we’ll make sure there are sugary snacks for tired new parents. We actively encourage you to ask questions or tell us if you are feeling nervous. We are here to make this as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

St Albans Newborn Photography


Not only will we deliver a high-quality experience, but we will also offer you some unique artwork displays. Many of our products are handmade to order by master craftsmen in Italy. These are not available to the general public, only to professional photographers. We invite you to customise your storage options right down to the colour of the internal ribbons! By working with just a few families each month, we can have your artwork ready quickly without compromising on quality.

St Albans Newborn Photography


Our diary fills up in advance. We highly recommend booking before your baby arrives. We will reserve a few potential sessions around your due date just in case your baby arrives earlier or later than expected. You can get in touch as soon as you have had your first scan to check our availability.

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