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September Babies

September babies

What can you expect from September babies? If you are due or have welcomed a baby this month, this ‘for fun’ blog explores the personalities of babies born in September.

If you welcomed a baby this month, they will fall under the star signs of either Virgo (Aug 23rd- Sept 22) or Libra (23rd Sept – 23rd Oct).

Popular birth month

This is the month with the highest birth month. This could be in part due to being conceived in the festive period. We always spare a thought for midwives at this busy time of year!

September babies


Children born in September tend to hit their developmental milestones ahead of time and can often excel at school.

September Babies


Children born in September have Sapphire as their birthstone. Although we usually associate sapphires as being blue, did you know that can also be green, pink and yellow?


September babies can be taller on average than other birth months. This could be due to the additional Vitamin D they were exposed to just before being born.

100th Birthday?

Studies have shown that babies born from September – November have a higher chance of reaching their 100th birthday!

September Babies

Happier mood

Good news! Babies born in this month are less prone to depression in later years. Although this is good, unfortunately they can also be more irritable than those born in other months

Famous September birthdays

Your little one celebrates their birthday in the same month as these famous folk:

  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Roald Dahl
  • Agatha Christie
  • Beyonce
  • Idris Elba
  • Will Smith

Hopefully, you enjoyed finding our about September Babies. If you visit our blog, you can find out about other birth months. Remember, they are just ‘for fun’ although some information was collected from studies that have actually been done 🙂

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