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Self-care for new mums

Self-care for new mums is easy to forget about. You are so busy getting to grips with your new tiny human, that you can easily fail to prioritize yourself.

5 self-care tips for new mums

#1 – Don’t forget to eat

It can be hard to think about cooking and preparing meals when you are looking after a newborn but try to eat at least one nourishing meal each day that contains healthy vegetables. Keep drinking plenty of water too to stay hydrated.

#2 – Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You have just been through an incredible experience and it can be overwhelming at times. Reach out to family, friends, or even a neighbour if you feel this way. They can give you some company and moral support

#3 Positive affirmations and morning routine

Try to establish a morning routine where you try to get up before baby is awake. Have that large hot drink and tell yourself that you are strong and able to cope with whatever the day throws at you. Be kind to yourself.

#4 You time

Even if just once a week, try to take some time for yourself to indulge in something that you love. Maybe a nice hot bubble bath or curling up on the sofa to watch a few episodes of your favourite Netflix show. You deserve it and you have worked so hard the last few days.

#5 Fresh air

There are proven benefits to being outside, one of which is how it is good for mental health. Even if it means having a cuddle with baby in the garden, get outside and take some deep breaths. This will have an instant impact on how you feel

Recommended Reading

Hopefully, you can implement some self-care as a new mum. It is so important to be kind to yourself. If you want to do further reading here are some helpful links:

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