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Questions about newborn photography

It is natural to have lots of questions about newborn photography. Sara is a St Albans newborn photographer based in Hatfield business park. She is used to being asked about what is involved in a newborn photography shoot. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about newborn photography.

Why is it best to book before my baby arrives?

We recommend that you get in touch with us before the baby arrives. This is because we tend to get booked up quite far in advance. Most of our customers contact us after they have had their first scans. We prefer to photograph babies within their first 14 days. Meaning we are unable to guarantee an available session if you wait until your baby arrives. We secure your session with a refundable booking deposit.

What if my baby doesn’t arrive in time for my newborn photography session?

We operate a very flexible diary so that we can accommodate you once your baby has arrived. About 4% of babies arrive on their due dates therefore we are used to early or later arrivals.

Simply let us know as soon as baby has arrived and we will work out the best time for you to come to the studio. We also understand that sometimes there may be unexpected hospital stays after your baby has arrived. We will work around this and will wait until you let us know that you feel comfortable to go ahead.

Will my baby be safe?

We take safety very seriously and have taken the time to invest heavily in our training to ensure we know how to conduct a session safely. It is important for us to let our clients know that we have received a ‘Newborn Safety Certification’ from the Master Photographers Association which is checked and renewed every three years. This includes scrutinising our insurance documents, health and safety practises and risk assessments. Sara also holds a pediatric first aid certification. From the temperature of the room to a professionally cleaned studio to washing all blankets and props after each use with gentle detergents, we have given everything great consideration for your peace of mind. We use studio flash through a double-panelled diffusion box. This replicates window light and is used on a low setting so will not harm the baby’s eyes.

How long will the newborn photography session last?

Usually, a session lasts around 2 hours. We are baby-led during our sessions so allow plenty of time to work at a pace that is right for you and your baby. We only book one studio session a day so that there is no need to rush through. Every baby is different and some may take a little longer than others to settle or may wake up more frequently. This is not a problem for us at all. We want your baby to be comfortable but we also recognise that you as a parent may feel anxious if your baby won’t settle. We won’t rush you or your baby.

Is it too soon after giving birth to come to a studio?

This is one of the biggest concerns we hear from expectant parents and it is perfectly normal to worry that you might not be able to manage to get to the studio with your new baby. We understand that it is a different experience leaving the house with a newborn and that it’s perfectly normal to be running a little late – we expect it. This is why we make this a home-from-home experience. From the moment you arrive, we will take over and aim to give you the opportunity to put your feet up and relax. You get to sit back and relax with unlimited refreshments. If you are happy for us to, we will change nappies, give bottles, cuddles and burps so that you can enjoy the experience fully.

Is there an opportunity to talk about what I want from the newborn photography session?

We will have spoken to you before your session to get an idea about what you are hoping for. When you arrive on the day of your shoot, we will again talk through what you are hoping for and there will be an opportunity to look at our gallery to say the styles and poses that you like/dislike. Whilst we have a style that is simple and timeless, we are open to requests and the use of some of your own props. Many parents say they do not want to be in their pictures and this is the one time when we will encourage you to take them. You will never have the opportunity again to have these first precious family photos taken and 9/10 times, it’s the family portraits that are selected in your final collection.

What can I do to prepare for my newborn photography session?

Once your baby has arrived and your appointment is confirmed, we will send you a preparation guide with advice about how to get ready for your session. Of course things do not always go to plan when you are trying to leave the house so it is just suggested guidance. We also call the day before the session to answer any last questions that you might have.

What if my baby needs a feed during the newborn photography session?

We have mentioned that we are baby-led so if your baby needs a feed, they can have a feed. If you are breast-feeding, we will check with you if you are happy for us to stay and chat or whether you would like privacy in the studio. We even have a bell for you to call us back when you are ready. If you are bottle-feeding, we will offer to feed and burp for you so that you get a break.

Can I bring my own props?

You are welcome to bring your own props on the day although we ask you give us notice so we can plan the best way to incorporate them into your session.

Who can I bring to the newborn photography studio?

We will ask who you intend to bring to the studio.  if you wish to have siblings in some of the images then please let us know in advance. Creating newborn images takes time and they will probably get bored so we normally include siblings towards the end of the session. Most clients have a friend or parents who will babysit and bring proud brother or sister up to the studio near the end, if this is not possible, we have a few local parks that they can visit or we will try and involve them in the session. Sara’s background in early years teaching can come in handy here!

What if my baby won’t settle, or doesn’t like being posed?

Over the last few years, we have photographed many babies; we are newborn photography specialists and will always do what your baby is happy with. Not all poses suit all babies and we will not push on with a pose that your baby is not comfortable with. Whilst we usually have a workflow planned out, it can change based on how your baby responds. If it is apparent that your baby will not settle, it could be due to colic or other health reasons. We will advise to stop the session and offer you a re-shoot.  You will receive a ‘client contract’ which explains what happens in these situations and what your options are.

What happens if my baby has a toilet accident?

I guarantee your baby WILL at some point during the session. It’s fine and expected, please don’t be embarrassed. It’s natural and we’re used to it.

How much will it cost?

Beautiful newborn photography by well-trained photographers is a safe investment in your family memories. We charge a session fee of £95 to secure your dates. This is payable upon booking. You then return around 1 week later to view your images (usually around 24 images.)  You decide what you want to spend but warn you that you will love your images! We have no minimum spend requirement with our prints starting from £50 and collections from £395. We GUARANTEE you will love your images or your money back.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express. You can decide to pay all on the day of your viewing or spread the cost into 2-3 payments.

Do you sell digitals?

We strongly believe in the beauty of printed artwork and the majority of our art products are designed to be displayed in the home and on the walls. Or print collections include digitals but we do not sell digitals separately.

When will my artwork be ready to collect?

Your artwork will be ready to collect within 2 weeks of your viewing session.

What will the photographer do with the images after the session?

As photographers, we love to be able to share our work to potential clients to show them the style and quality they can expect – it is an important part of what we do. We will always ask permission to use your images to advertise our services and will respect your wishes should you decline. We ask our clients to sign a ‘model release’ form which details how we might use the images. You can discuss this with us at the time of your viewing.

If you are ready to book your session or if you further questions about newborn photography, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US

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