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Pregnancy Photoshoot Hertfordshire

Looking for a pregnancy photoshoot in Hertfordshire? At Newborn Love, we offer pregnancy photoshoots at 34 – 36 weeks. This is the time when we feel your form is at it’s best. It is also just before you may become too uncomfortable to stand for long periods.

What happens in a pregnancy photoshoot?

Before you come for your session, we will send you a guide with suggestions about what to wear and what to bring. We have a small selection of gowns designed to show off your beautiful shape. In keeping with our style, we keep the colour palette neutral and simple. This is an amazing part of your journey into parenthood so it has to be all about you.

Arrival at the studio

On arrival, we will welcome you with refreshments and spend some time talking to you about your hopes for the session. it can be nerve-racking to have your picture taken so we will do our best to put you at ease. Your session includes hair and makeup which will be done by Jackie Coles.

Jackie will talk to you about the look you want for your shoot. We usually begin with a more natural look and build up to more glamourous towards the end.

pregnancy photoshoot hertfordshire

During the shoot

We have a space for you to change that is private and will have up to 3 changes during the shoot. We use a mixture of natural light and flash to create different effects. You are welcome to bring your partner or a family member if that helps you to feel at ease. We will guide you into poses step by step. We are aiming to create beautiful shapes with your body that look fantastic in your maternity photos.

After the shoot

We will present 15 – 20 images to you and you can decide how many you want to buy. Some of our customers prefer to wait until they have had their newborn photographs taken and view everything together.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Hertfordshire OFFER:

Book your Maternity session and we will gift you your Newborn Session fee (worth £125)

If you are pregnant and are interested in a pregnancy photoshoot, please contact us to find out more.

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