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Family photography is our passion. Creating the story of your family to preserve forever. We give you the gift of memories so that you can look back and remember how tiny your baby was. However, that is not all we do for you.

There are many newborn and family photographers in the local area. You will find a wide variety of styles, prices, products and locations. How do we at Newborn Love set ourselves apart from other photographers? What do we do that is different from others? Why should you choose us as your family photographer to capture your most precious memories?

As recent finalists in the Raring2Go awards for ‘Best Family Service,’ we know about providing an outstanding family photography experience. It is our mission to give you so much more than just a photo shoot. We want to give you a memorable experience.

Family Photography St Albans
Sara and Lee – your newborn photography specialists

Perfecting your experience

Over the last four years and after listening to feedback from our lovely customers, we have perfected what we believe is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. We can’t compete with what other photographers offer because our sessions and art products are unique to us.

We are trained, newborn photography specialists. Nothing is more important than the safety of your baby. We have ‘Newborn Safety Certification’ and are fully insured. This is so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your baby is in good hands. Many of our client testimonials talk about the level of care and attention we gave to their new baby.


Your journey with us

From the moment you get in touch with us, you can expect excellent communication. Whether it be to answer initial enquiries or for us to check how your pregnancy is going, we will be in touch regularly. You will think of questions all the time so regular contact means you will feel well informed.

We recommend booking before your baby arrives. This is so we can guarantee a session for you. We only take a limited number of bookings each month to offer this guarantee. We also only book one family per day so that you don’t feel rushed. Something you will appreciate in those first few days of parenthood.

Baby has arrived, what next?

When your baby has arrived, we will confirm the best session for you to visit us. We prefer to photograph around 7 – 10 days. We will then send a preparation guide with helpful information. Just to check everything is OK we call the day before too. Again, you may have more questions and you will want to know exactly what to expect when you visit us.

The day of your family photography shoot

We have been preparing for your visit a few hours before you arrive. The studio has been professionally cleaned and the blankets freshly washed. We make sure the kettle is ready to make your drinks when you arrive. Fresh cookies are waiting to give you a much-needed sugar hit.

coffee and cookies at our Hatfield studio

Firstly we congratulate you. You made it to our studio with a new baby. That is a good reason to celebrate! It doesn’t matter if you were running a little late. That is why we just book one session per day. We don’t watch the clock.

Once you are comfortable, we ask all about your baby. When they last fed, filled their nappy and if there is anything we need to know that might affect their comfort during the session. We want to know how you are feeling and if you are worried about anything. You can look at the artwork on our walls to tell us what you like/dislike. Art is a very personal thing so we want to create images you will love. We will explain what will happen during the session and encourage you to ask questions.

Your time in the studio

Mum feeding her baby
Mum giving a feed before we get started. if you need privacy, just ask.

After a pre-session chat, we will move up to the 1st-floor studio. It is warm and comfortable. We have everything you will need such as nappies, wipes and changing mat so don’t worry if you forgot to bring something. Now you can sit back and relax whilst we take over, giving you a much-needed rest. We will change nappies and feed and burp baby (if bottle-fed). We really want you to do nothing during this time. It is not unusual for parents to take a nap as it is the first time they have had the chance since baby arrived! It is a wonderful time for you to watch and reflect on this perfect, tiny human you have created.

sara talking to mummy before the studio session begins
There is no rush to get started. Sara is enjoying a friendly chat with Mum before getting started.

We use different colours and wraps that are nice and neutral and include family portraits in your session too. We work at the pace your baby is comfortable with. Both of us take photos during the session. One of us is always monitoring your baby and their safety. Sessions can last from 2 – 5 hours. This really depends on your baby because they will let us know the pace they are comfortable with. Your baby may need a nice long feed or a few cuddles so they will dictate the time it takes and that is fine with us.

newborn photography specialists in Hatfield.
Your baby is never left unattended. Both Sara and Lee take photos and keep your baby safe and comfortable.
mum and dad at a newborn family photogrpahy photoshoot
Mum and Dad enjoying a cuddle break whilst we change set-ups.

After the session

We will give you time to gather your belongings and give baby an extra feed before you leave (if needed.) After the session, we will book your design consultation. This is usually 1 week later. You can have a look at the art products available before you leave the studio. We advise you to have a look around your house and consider where you might put up your artwork before you come back to view.

Your design consultation.

When you return, we will present you with an emotional slideshow of your images. This is the exciting part for you because you now get to choose your images. Our system allows you to only buy what you love. There is no pressure or hard sell. It is our job to create a set of images that you will love! We do not ask you to commit to a package before you have viewed your images. We guarantee you will love your images or your money back. Ultimately, you are about to choose artwork that will be on your walls forever. You will forever be able to walk past these beautiful pictures and remember how tiny and new your baby was in those first few days. This is the start of your family legacy.

Artwork Options

We value printed artwork so have stunning options for albums and wall art. This type of artwork stands the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation. Our pricing reflects the high level of training we have as well as the first-rate experience you can expect from us. Our print products come from some of the best professional suppliers with some of our luxury art products being hand-made in Italy. The artwork is usually ready to collect within 2 weeks of your viewing appointment meaning you do not have to wait too long to have your beautiful memories. Your baby will have already changed so much in this time.


Your once-in-a-lifetime family photography experience

Your baby is only tiny once and you only get one chance to remember that unique and magical time. Why us? What we offer is so much more than a photoshoot. It is a full-service experience with 2 trained photographers who put the safety of your baby at the heart of everything they do. As a new parent, you will definitely want to know that your baby is safe.

If you are basing your decision to book a photographer on price alone, we may not be the best option for you. However, if you desire excellent service, heirloom-quality art products and high safety standards then please do get in touch to find out if your due date is available.

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Behind the scenes photo credits to Agata Photography

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