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October Babies

October Babies

October babies will be born under the star signs of:

Libra (1st – 22nd October)

Scorpio (23rd October – 22nd November)

If you recently had a baby in this month or are yourself born in this month, enjoy this ‘for fun’ blog. What characteristics and traits can you expect from an October-born baby?

A budding althlete?

There is some research that suggests that babies born in this month may grow up to be athletes. Scientists have linked this to prenatal exposure to Vitamin D. It has been found that babies in this birth month have a higher bone and muscle mass!

Not on Halloween!

October babies

According to research, not many babies are born on the last day of the month (Halloween!) It was suggested that subconsciously, mums don’t want their babies to be born on such a spooky date. (Or to share birthdays with trick-or-treaters!)

100 candles on the cake!

October is a birth month that has the most people reaching their 100th birthday. What a lot of candles to blow out on the cake! Perhaps, even a card from the King/Queen too?

Ocotber babies


Apparently, October babies are happier people as they grow up and are less prone to anxiety and depression later in life. That is good news!

Future President?

There have been more presidents born in October than in any other month. That means, your little one has a chance to be a great leader one day!

Other famous birthdays

They share their birth month with the following:

Pablo Picasso

Sir Christopher Wren

Captain James Cook

and some more modern-day celebrities such as:

Simon Cowell

Kim Kardasian

Katy Perry

If you have a baby born in a different month, check out the Blog for other birthday month posts.





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