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Nursery Colour Themes

Deciding on nursery colour themes is a fun task. We have researched the latest trends for 2020 and compiled them in this blog.

Nursery Colour Themes for 2020

Nursery Colour themes

We have looked at the predicted colour trends for 2020. Whether you are looking for traditional themes, gender-neutral, bold patterns or minimalist., there are plenty of ideas to give you inspiration.

Teal and Greens

Nursery Colour Themes

This is a nice cheerful choice for a baby’s room. you can take inspiration from the natural colours of a tropical sea. This colour works well when warm, accent colours are included. For example, yellow, orange or pink.

Gender Neutral

There was a surge in the Hygge trend in 2019 and following on from this, gender-neutral schemes are focusing on light walls and natural furniture such as wicker and bamboo. Accents can include monochrome wallpaper with geometric designs. This timeless look is easy to achieve and maintain.

Dark and Luxurious

Black or dark colours may not be your first choice when it comes to a nursery. However, when used effectively it can clam the space and bring attention to features. You can pair this scheme with a few accent colours to really make it ‘pop.’

Nursery Colour Themes

White with Pastels

Having everything in white gives you a natural backdrop to add bold pops of colour. White is classic and timeless and gives an airy and minimal feel. However, strong colour accents give some warmth and character to the room.

Nursery Colour Themes

White and Blue

Nursery Colour Themes

This is a classic colour theme that is airy and with a nautical theme. Using a pale blue can keep the theme gender-neutral. Red can be added to give a strong accent of colour.

Yellow and Grey

This is still a classic theme. A warm grey gives a neutral backdrop and pops of citrus yellow give the WOW factor.

Nursery Colour Themes

Large Floral Prints

Accent wallpapers are on-trend for 2020. The bigger and bolder the better. Turquoise and pink look fantastic when paired with white metals.

Get Tropical

Out with farm animal stickers and in with bold tropical prints. Like the floral prints, go big and bold and consider one accent wall with bright green paint. Of course, you can accessorise with playful jungle animals.

Nursery Colour Themes

So hopefully, you are feeling inspired. Of course, once you have your room ready, you should definitely consider the wall art you will want. Professional, photographs of your newborn baby are a classic and timeless way to decorate your nursery. Most photographers will consult with you on colour schemes before your shoot so you could have custom artwork created.

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