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May babies

What are May babies like? This ‘for fun’ blog is about what you can expect if your baby is born in this month. Depending on which date they are born, the will fall under the star signs of Taurus (April 20-May 20) or Gemini (May 21-June 20)

May babies

Happy days

It is said that people born in May consider themselves the happiest and healthiest people around!

May babies


Babies born in May are typically bigger and stronger than those born during the Winter months. This not only applies to physical strength and stamina but also to their strength of mind.

A month for superheroes

Not only was Superman (Henry Cavill) born in May but also, Lego Batman (AKA Will Arnett) and Batman (AKA George Clooney). Maybe you have a superhero in the making!

May babies


When they grow up, May babies are known to be curious and restless with a desire to explore. This may mean they love to travel as a way of life.

Big Spenders

Known to love spending money… keep an eye on your wallet!

May babies

They know their mind

Similar to April babies, May babies can be slightly stubborn and strong-willed. They know their own minds. They can be quick to anger.


Reading is a must for babies born in May as it fuels their creativity and imagination.


Other May birthdays

Other famous folks born in May include: Queen Victoria, John.F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Audrey Hepburn and Sigmond Freud as well as celebrities such as Henry Cavill, David Beckham, Adele and Dwayne Johnson.

This was a ‘just-for-fun’ blog about May birthdays.

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