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March born Babies

March born babies. What fun facts can we bring you about babies born in the month of March? As we head out of a long, cold winter, there is a feeling of Spring in the air. They will be born under the signs of  Pisces or Aries if born in March.

CEO in the making

There is some research that suggests babies born in this month are most likely to ‘climb the corporate ladder.’ A higher portion of CEO’s are born this month than any other month, apparently.

March born babies

Asthma lower risk

March is a time when dust mites are at an all-time high. There is a suggestion that because babies born in this month are exposed to this higher quantity, their immune response is strengthened!

Happy and optimistic

Babies born in this month are usually happy and see the bright side. Definitely see the ‘glass as half full’ How lovely to be optimistic in this day and age.

March born babies

Staying up late

There are studies which suggest that Spring and Summer babies usually go to bed later than those born in the Autumn or Winter. You may have fun at bedtime with babies born in this month!

March born babies

Flying high

It would appear that there are a large number of pilots born in March. Your little one might be destined for the sky.

March born babies

Alone time

Whilst they enjoy being around others, it is quite possible that they need time by themselves too. They enjoy daydreaming and spending time lost in their thoughts.

Famous Folk born in March

Who else was born this month? Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, Dr. Seuss, Harry Houdini as well as celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Daniel Craig, Will,i,am, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga!

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Do you have a baby born this month? Are they happy babies?

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