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June Babies

June babies

June babies will be born under the sign of Gemini (1st – 20th ) or Cancer (21st – 30th.) This ‘for fun’ blog explores what you can expect from a baby born in this month.

Social butterflies

Babies born in this month are often social and outgoing earning the name of ‘social butterflies.’ They easily draw everyone’s attention meaning they can be the life and soul of the party.

June Babies

Fair but indecisive

Gemini’s, in particular, are able to listen to and see both sides of an argument and listen fairly to what others have to say. However, they can be notoriously bad at making decisions!

Creative problem-solvers

Gemini’s tend to be very creative and can come up with solutions to even the most complex problems. Jobs suitable for people born in this month include journalist, translator, writer, engineer, comedian and teacher.


June born babies are known for having a social nature and an ability to communicate effectively as well as having a fun-loving nature. Being a twin (Gemini) means that there can be 2 sides to their personality so be careful!

June Babies

Most likely to win a Nobel prize

Despite being in the younger cohort in a class, June babies are statistically more likely to be a Nobel prize winner!

Other famous June babies

Other famous folks born this month include:

Marilyn Monroe

George Orwell

Boris Johnson

Donald Trump

Angelina Jolie

Lionel Messi

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