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July Babies

What are July babies like as they grow up? This ‘for-fun’ post explores what you can expect from babies born in this month.

If born in July, your baby with fall under the star signs of Cancer ( up to 22nd July) or Leo.

July babies


These little ones are good at regulating their emotions at 18 months than when compared to autumn and winter born babies. This was taken from research done in Japan that showed Summer-born babies were able to “voluntarily choose a course of action under conditions of conflict.”


It is suggested that babies born in the summer months can be taller as they are exposed to greater levels of vitamin D which is transferred through your blood to aid growth?!

July babies taller

Night Owls

It is likely that your July baby will stay up later in the evening. That is due to the days being longer in the summer months and your baby may get used to this cycle. They may develop a tendency to fall asleep later than those born in the darker, winter months.

July babies night owls

A leftie

Lots of babies born from March-July are significantly more likely to be left-handed!


Your little one will be one of the youngest in their class. Studies show they are less likely to pursue degrees or higher education. However, they are also naturally optimistic so they might say they just need to persevere a little more!

Likely professions

They like working with their hands so you could have a budding artist, engineer or fashion designer on your hands!

July babies artist

Other people who were July babies

Here are some other famous folk born in this month. (SOURCE)

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Princess Diana
  • Jackie Kennedy
  • J.K Rowling
  • Daniel Radcliffe

Hopefully, you enjoyed this fun blog. If you have a July baby, it would be great to hear if any of these traits are true for you!

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