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January Babies

As January babies grow up, they can sometimes resent having their birthday straight after Christmas. After a month of celebrations and parties, the fun and excitement can fade.

However, we have done some research and found these fun facts for you.

What are January babies like?

January babies

Babies born up to 20th January will be Capricorns.

Capricorn children are planners. They crave success and approval. Your child will want others to see how smart, hard-working and skilled they are, so try to praise them often. Giving your Capricorn child pocket money and increasing it with each birthday is a good way to teach her about the value of things. “


After 20th January we move into Aquarius.

“The Aquarius baby is highly intelligent, independent and a free thinker. On the negative, they can become frustrated very quickly, with their quick thoughts being a challenge for them to learn to control throughout life .”



“After analysing 19 different professions from a census, researchers from the UK Office of National Statistics found that people born in January have an increased chance of becoming either a doctor or a debt collector – we know which one we’d prefer to be. “


Destined for Stardom

A study showed that there are a greater number of celebrities born under the Aquarius star sign. To name a few Cristiano Ronaldo, Christian Bale, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Harry Styles and Ellen DeGeneres.

January Sales

One perk for you in terms of buying a gift is that there are great sales in January! You can bag a bargain and buy more items at a lower cost.

Celebrate in style

You may not have ideas about how to celebrate a birthday so soon after Christmas. Especially if you are celebrating a 1st birthday. Why not consider a fun cake smash session? We offer these in our studio and it is a fun and messy way to celebrate this important milestone.

January babies

To find out more about cake smashes, read this BLOG

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Don’t let your January babies miss out on all the fun!

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