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Is baby photography safe?

Is baby photography safe? A question that many new parents want to ask. We have learnt a lot from new parents during the enquiry stage.

Firstly, you are certainly not alone in having fears about newborn photography. At Newborn Love, we have worked with hundreds of new and expectant parents just like you. We know how to put your mind at ease and answer your questions.

So here are the most common reasons expectant parents worry about newborn photography.

is baby photography safe

1) What if my baby doesn’t arrive in time for the session?

Most of the families that visit us book in well before their baby arrives. This can be an odd concept for an expectant parent. The diary of a newborn photographer is a complicated place. With only about 4% of babies arriving on their actual due date, we keep things flexible. We will have a few potential sessions in mind just in case your baby arrives earlier or later than planned. It is our job to find you a suitable time once your baby has arrived. Simply let us know when you have been given the all-clear from the hospital and we will do the rest.

2) I can’ travel to a studio with a newborn

Again, this is a perfectly normal concern. You don’t know how you are going to feel after giving birth. Most of the clients that visit us are making their first trip out since arriving home from the hospital.

We know that this is going to seem like a challenge for you. Firstly, we always expect first-time parents to be running late. This is because we know that preparing to come out of the house with a newborn requires planning! Those unexpected situations (think a nappy change needed as soon as you walk out the front door.) will delay you.

We have everything you will need: wipes, changing mat, nappies, tea, coffee and sweet treats. There are even two big comfy sofas should you need a little nap! Don’t worry if you forget something as we have everything here for you. Many of the clients feel really proud they made it to the studio. It often gives them confidence to head out and about more!

3) I don’t want any photos with me.

Most new parents can expect to look tired. Mum might be feeling a bit conscious of her post-baby body. For this reason, they often say they don’t want to be in the photographs.

We know that you will never get an opportunity to have a family portrait with your newborn again. Therefore believe it is really important to capture you and your new baby in a flattering way so that you feel confident and happy.

We have a hair and makeup artist available for your pictures but this is optional and not for everyone. You don’t have to look at the camera if you don’t want to. You can gaze adoringly at your new baby. These images are for your baby when they grow up. They will want to see what you looked like when they first entered the world.

is baby photography safe

4) What if my baby won’t settle?

Every baby is different so there is no single way we can guarantee a settled baby throughout the session. However, there are lots of things that we can do before and during the session that will definitely help. We send a detailed ‘Preparation Guide’ to our families. It gives helpful hints and suggestion to try and make the session go smoothly. Our studio sessions are baby-led so it is your baby that will schedule the session, not us. If that means they need a few comfort cuddles/feeds that’s fine with us. We are not going to rush or push things. We rarely need to cancel a session in progress unless you or your baby are unwell.

5) Is baby photography safe?

Newborn photography is safe when it is carried out by a trained professional. Sadly not all newborn photographers have been trained or have a lot of experience. At Newborn Love, we hold a Newborn Safety Certification awarded by the Master Photographer’s Association. Our health and safety practices have been scrutinized and are reviewed every few years. We are also trained in pediatric first aid.

So are we right for you? Have we answered the questions ‘Is baby photography safe?’

Your family story deserves to be told in a way that you can enjoy for many years to come. Your baby only stays tiny and new for a short time. In fact, it’s almost unfair how fleeting this special time is. We deliver a safe and memorable experience for the whole family to enjoy. The result is that you can beautifully preserve your family memories.


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