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Hygge Newborn Studio

At Newborn Love, we have created a Hygge newborn studio. You may or may not have heard of this term so what does it mean?

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word that labels a feeling or moment that brings cosiness and warmth. It is about being in and enjoying a moment. There are probably many ways in which you already adopt a Hygge lifestyle without even realising it! Simple things like having lots of plants around the house (bringing the outside in), curling up on the sofa with your favourite slippers and a warming drink, spending quality time with those you love. These are all examples of living a Hygge lifestyle.

Why Hygge?

Bringing a newborn baby to a studio is a daunting experience. As new or first-time parents, you may feel worried to leave the safety and comfort of your home. Lee and I want you to feel comfortable when you visit us. For a start, our studio is in our home. No cold, bland industrial units for us. When you arrive, you will feel instantly at home.

You will also have spent the first few days of parenthood in a haze of nappies and sleepless nights and probably haven’t had time to even reflect. When you arrive, we will take over, enabling you to sit, relax and be in the moment – the very essence of Hygge.

A warm welcome at our Hygge newborn studio

What does a Hygge newborn studio look like?

When you arrive, you will be given the option of wearing a pair of cosy, comfy slippers. You will probably get to enjoy your first hot drink since baby arrived, actually finishing it before it gets cold.

The studio room has neutral colours and is warm and comfortable. You are welcome to put your feet up and snuggle with a cosy blanket whilst watching your baby have their photographs taken.

The lighting is soft, scented candles are burning and relaxing music all add to your relaxing experience.

Hygge Textures

We have a range of materials and textures that we can snuggle your baby into. These include chunky knit blankets and bowls, natural wooden bowls, faux furs and fluffy flokatis. We usually photograph your baby in soft, jersey wraps where they feel comfortable and warm and they can be nestled in all of these soft, cosy textures. We keep things light and neutral. This means that the resulting photographs will match the interior of your home when you put them on the wall.

Is the Hygge experience for you?

If you love all things Hygge and want to have your photographs taken in a comfortable relaxed environment, then we are the studio for you. We will do everything to help you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Lee and I really want you to enjoy an oasis of calm in a whirlwind of the first few weeks of parenthood.

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