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Hygge Mum

Do you aspire to be a ‘Hygge mum?’ Hygge is a word that you may have heard a lot recently. It is a Danish word literally meaning ‘Cosiness.’ However, it is so much more than just a few cushions, throws and candles. It is this way of life and it has largely influenced our studio experience. Hygge is about embracing home comforts and being present in the moment. It is about creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for your family. In this post, we offer 10 days to be a ‘Hygge’ mum.

1- Tea and a book

Take some time out for yourself. Enjoy the process of making a cup of tea, just for you. Serve it in your favourite cup. Absorb yourself in your book, without distraction in a cosy nook in your house.

2 -Cosy bathtime

As a busy mum, it can be hard to find time to switch off and relax. The concept of Hygge is about leaving all your stresses at the door and focussing wholly on your family and yourself. Why not create a calming space where you can take a moment? Bathtime is the perfect time to do this. Light some candles, warm some towels, play some relaxing music and relax in the bubbles.

Hygge Mum

3 – Buy flowers for yourself

This is the perfect way to bring nature indoors. Choose your favourite flowers, set them in a beautiful vase and place them where you can enjoy their beauty and their scent. No need to wait for someone to buy you flowers.

Hygge Mum

4 – Baby Massage

Learning how to massage your baby and/or their siblings is a fantastic bonding experience. There are plenty of courses that teach you how to do this safely.

5 – Try a new recipe

Look through all of your cookbooks and find a new recipe. Enjoy the process of cooking it and go one step further and enjoy eating it by candlelight.

6 – Turn off technology

In this digital age, we often don’t realise how often we reach for a device. If you are checking your smartphone frequently, it can be hard to be present in a moment without feeling distracted. Set time aside each day where no technology is used. Meal times are a perfect opportunity as it teaches your children that focusing on each other is important and that they are valued.

Hygge Mum

7- Take a walk in the forest

There is numerous research that supports the benefits of being outdoors due to the impact it has on your wellbeing. Taking time to stroll mindfully in a wooded space is a great way to be present in the moment. Stop for a moment, breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sound of the birds singing. You will feel instantly refreshed!

8 -Build a feeding space

When you are breastfeeding, this is a wonderful opportunity to create a Hygge inspired space. This is a space where you can slow down and enjoy the moment of bonding with your new baby. It doesn’t need to be something extravagant, just a few comforts for you like candles, a soft blanket or anything that makes you feel comfortable.

Whilst you are feeding, take in all the details of your baby. The way their skin feels, the smell of their hair, eye contact. These are precious moments that are fleeting. Be present in that moment.

Hygge Mum

9 – Get creative

Why not take up a new hobby? Baking, knitting or sketching are examples of activities that give you the opportunity to focus carefully on what you are doing and be without distraction.

10 – Hygge family agenda

With kids lives being more and more scheduled these days, having time at home is a time to put away the schedule and tune into the energy of your family. If your child wants to play board games, then do. If they are happy curled up on the sofa for a cuddle, that’s what to do.

Hopefully, if you want to be a Hygge mum., you found these tips helpful. If you enjoyed this blog, please have a browse through our blog

Hygge Mum

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