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Hygge in the Summer

hygge in the summer

How do you ‘Hygge in the summer?’ When thinking about the Hygge lifestyle, it’s easy to think it is more about the physical environment. people think candles, cosy blankets and a pair of lovely snug slippers. Hygge is so much more than creating a cosy environment. It is the art of being present and enjoying the moment. Doing things that give you feelings of calm and happiness. So in this blog, we explore 10 ways to bring a bit of Hygge into your Summer.

#1 Spend time outdoors

There are a few ways you can enjoy the outdoors. Whether it is a walk through a shady woods, walking on a damp lawn with bare feet or gather lots of soft cushions and lazing in the garden. There are so many health benefits to spending time outdoors. All of your senses can be engaged and there are the lovely scents of summer all around us. Fresh cut grass, sweet Jasmine, BBQ’s and the relaxing sounds of bumblebees and birds. Just taking a quiet moment to take it all in will bring you great joy!

hygge forest walks

#2 Light a candle

This is not just something to do in the Winter. You can enjoy a candle at any time of the year. Think about fresh scents like fruits, citrus. Here are some suggested summer scents from our favourite Yankee Candles

#3 Bring the outdoors in

Cut some fresh flowers from your garden and put them in a beautiful, simple vase. Add some greenery by putting some plants around the house. This is a constant reminder of the beauty outside, right in your home.

hygge in the summer

#4 Evening firepit

On these lovely long days, this is a lovely way to spend time as a family in the evening without having to go back inside when it gets a bit cooler. A fire has long been a fascination of mine, I love staring at the flames and watching the way they move and I just love hearing the crackle and pop as the wood burns. Being around a fire is definitely a happy place for me.

hygge in the summer

#5 Enjoy an ice cream

What better indulgence on a hot day. Find a calm place to sit and enjoy your ice cream. Savour the taste and enjoy the challenge of licking the drips as they run down the cone.

hygge in the summer

#6 Lazy hammock days

Laying in a hammock with a good book and a peaceful calm around you. What could be more Hygge than that? Being under a tree on a hot summers day is so relaxing as you watch the leaves dancing on a gentle breeze.

# 7 Watch a sunset

I don’t just mean have a look out of the window and notice the sun setting. Go to a place where you can enjoy the view. Take out a blanket, take your favourite drink and just watch and take in the beauty of a sunset.

hygge in the summer

#8 Open the windows

When you are inside, open up all the windows. Let the fresh air in to cleanse. At this time of year it often invites the summer smells in and the sound of bird song.

#9 Walk on the beach

If you can get to a beach go for a lovely walk. Collect shells, enjoy listening to the rhythm of the waves crashing on the beach. Lick your lips and taste the salty air.

hygge beach walks

#10 Stargazing

As I child I still vividly remember laying on a blanket facing the starry sky and learning to identify the constellations. I am in awe of space and spending time just staring up at the stars really brings a sense of wonder.

How do you ‘Hygge in the Summer?’

If you had to name the top 5 simple pleasures that you have in the Summer, what would they be?

Hopefully, you can see that Hygge isn’t just something for the Winter months. Practice a little Hygge every day to bring you joy and calm.

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