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How to photograph a baby

Want to know how to photograph your baby at home? We are newborn photography specialists based in Hatfield. You will take 100’s of photographs of your newborn. Therefore why not see how to take the best photos possible at home?

When your baby finally makes an appearance, it is natural that you will want to take photographs yourself.

You know it is important to capture all of those memories. It is possible you will visit a newborn studio in those early days. However, you can take beautiful photos at home with these tips about how to photograph your baby.


Turn off that flash! Newborn photographers often use large diffusion panels over their flash making the light softer. A flash on a phone is so harsh. The best way to light your image is to put your baby near to a large window. If there is a net curtain to diffuse the light, even better. Avoid up-lighting baby (having the light coming from the chin, upwards).

Instead, place them at a 45-degree angle so the light washes over their face beautifully.


It is very easy to forget about what is behind your baby in photos. You will want your baby to be the star of the image. For a classic and timeless look, a bed with white bedding would look gorgeous.

Check the area behind your baby as in the background, any mess or clutter would cause a distraction.


It is a good idea to keep the room warm and free from drafts, particularly if the baby is undressed. Newborns cannot regulate their temperature so you need to ensure they are not cold when you are photographing them. Do not try to replicate poses you have seen on photographers websites. These have been done by trained professionals. Photographs at home are best when your baby is in natural positions.

How to photograph a baby


Leave the creative work to the professionals. It might be tempting to put your baby in a bucket or basket but safety must always be a priority. Also, consider how your baby will feel looking at these kinds of images when they are 20. Will they be asking “Why on earth did you do that?!?!?”


If your baby is sleeping, experiment with different angles and perspectives. If you are taking a photo from directly above your baby be careful. You could do serious damage if you drop your camera or phone on them. Either wear a strap (on your camera) or avoid holding the phone directly above them.

Please don’t underestimate the importance of professional photography. Sara and Lee are trained in safety and have all of the equipment needed to create stunning artwork of your new baby.

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