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Newborn Photography

Heart-bursting photography of your growing family.

If you have landed on this page that means you are either about to welcome a baby or have recently welcomed your baby. Either way, massive congratulations. Although not parents ourselves (unless you count a seriously bonkers Goldendoodle dog), we have worked with plenty of families like yours.

For some, particularly first-time parents, the thought of newborn photography can cause some concern. Questions about safety, comfort and cleanliness may arise. The good news? As an overthinker myself (Sara speaking here), I’ve already anticipated every concern. Sound familiar?

Rest assured that I have meticulously planned and considered every detail to ensure a positive experience and reassure fellow worriers. So, let’s work together to capture some beautiful moments without worry!

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to working with newborns so for your peace of mind, Sara holds a newborn safety certification. We work in a baby-led way and will never force a particular pose if it interferes with the comfort of your little one.

Our style is simple and cosy with a contrast between light & airy and dark & woody colour palettes we use with a few signature setups that have all been handmade and incorporate elements from the natural world as a nod to Sara’s love of nature. Please continue reading for more information about our sessions, pricing and frequently asked questions.


Hertfordshire Newborn Photography


Check out some of the beautiful new babies that we have had the pleasure to photograph.

What would you like to know about Hertfordshire newborn photography next?

Studio Experience

The experience is as importance as the images we create. We have crafted the perfect home-from-home experience for tired new parents.


Find out more about how our booking fee and artwork pricing works. 


We’ve collated our most frequently asked questions about newborn photography. If your question isn’t answered, get in touch and we will add it.


10 photos to take of your newborn before leaving hospital

Let us send you our quick guide so you can capture some amazing pics of your babies first few hours.

Hertfordshire Newborn Photography at Newborn Love. We offer families a relaxing and safe experience. Your baby is only tiny for a very short time. The window of opportunity is small. It is definitely a good idea to plan ahead when booking baby’s first photo shoot.


When to book

Different photographers have different ‘cut off’ dates. Whilst we prefer to photograph babies in their first 10 days, we know that sometimes this is not possible. In such cases, we will extend the time until up to 1 month. When you contact us, we check our schedule around your due date. We find that 1 or 2 weeks after your due date is just about right. When your baby has arrived, you simply get in touch and we confirm the best appointment for you.

What to expect

At Newborn Love, you can expect a very friendly welcome indeed. We understand the emotions you are experiencing. We have worked with hundreds of families just like yours. A friendly face, hot drink and plate full of delicious treats is just the start. We talk through everything that will happen before the session. We really want to know how you are feeling or if anything is worrying you. During the session, we will use multiple setups to give you variety in your images. You can find the answers to more questions at our FAQ’s page.

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What can I buy?

At Newborn Love, we value printed art products. We offer some of the finest display options that are not available to the general public. Our Signature collections are hand-made in Italy. A fitting quality to display the most valuable images you will ever own. These options are fully customisable meaning you can create a completely unique combination that no other family have.


How do I book?

We know that choosing the right photographer for you is an important decision. We always recommend a quick chat so we can find out more about what it is you are hoping for. That way we can decide if we can meet your needs. We only book 6 families each month to ensure 100% of our time and attention. If you would like a no-obligation chat, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

Hertfordshire newborn photography, by Newborn Love is looking forward to hearing more about you and your new arrival.