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Your Hertfordshire cake smash photographer is Sara from Newborn Love. This has become a popular way to celebrate turning 1. To add to the fun, we have included a bubble bath at the end. Firstly as it is very cute and secondly to wash away all of that stick cake.

In our experience, a cake smash doesn’t always go how you would think. you assume your little one will get stuck straight in. However, it can take a little while for them to be brave and go for it.

When is the best time for a cake smash?

We actually recommend around 11 months or before your little one is too mobile. By having the session before the birthday, it means that you will have the photographs in time for the 1st birthday.

What should I bring?

There are some very sweet outfits available online and our families often bring 1 – 2 changes with them. Ultimately, the clothes will get sticky and messy. We still recommend keeping things as neutral as possible so that your little one is the star of the show! We provide minimal decorations that are not too distracting. Bring a water bottle/cup with you. Smashing a cake is thirsty work! For the bath, you may have a particular bubble bath that you would like to use so you are welcome to bring that as well as a towel.

Should I bring the cake?

We work with a talented cake maker Emma Ince from Incespirational baking. She makes a stunning Vanilla buttercream cake that is perfect for making a mess. We would always check the dietary requirements so that the cake is suitable. It is also recommended that you let your little one try cake a couple of times before you visit.

During the session

I always say to expect the unexpected. It can take a while for your little one to feel comfortable with the strange lady holding the camera. Be patient and involved and hopefully your little one will enjoy squashing up their cake. once they have had enough cake, we will use the vintage bathtub for them to splash around in. There is also a bubble machine for extra bubbles in the pictures.

If you are looking to celebrate your baby turning 1, please consider Sara, your Hertfordshire cake smash photographer.

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