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Hatfield Newborn Photographer Costs

Newborn Photography costs

Hatfield Newborn Photographer, Newborn Love is a specialist newborn studio. This guide is to help you understand more about newborn photography pricing. Firstly, to help you make an informed decision. Secondly, so you understand why there are so many different price points out there.

The first questions usually asked is ‘how much will it cost?’ However, it is difficult to answer. How can one photographer charge £100 and another £1000?

This post will cover different levels of service, price ranges and reasons for price variations.

Levels of service

Comparing photographers just on price means you need to understand exactly what they are offering. This can differ greatly and can vary based on:

  • Whether they work from home or a studio
  • The number of clients they work with each month
  • If they work weekdays only or at weekends
  • Whether they work with an assistant for safety
  • The level of experience and training they have to perform their craft safely
  • Awards won for their work
  • Communication levels during your client journey
  • The level of service and care during your studio visit
  • The quality of the art products available to you
  • How long it takes to view your images and receive your artwork

Different photographers offer different things. The more photographers you speak to, the more you will understand the range of price points and what is included.

Whilst price is an important factor you will also want to consider the level of service you will want to receive and the value you will get as a result. Here are some considerations.

Hatfield Newborn Photographer

Studio or Home

Some photographers will travel to you in your home, making their costs lower whilst others work from a commercial studio premises or from their home, making their costs higher. Equally, a photographer travelling long distances to your home needs to factor in their travel costs.

Specialist or general?

Are you working with a general photographer that does a few newborn shoots here and there or a specialist who has trained specifically to pose and photograph newborns safely? It is worth noting at this point that not all general photographers have had safety training and nothing is more important than the safety of your newborn baby. Specialists usually charge more than generalists. This is because they have spent longer photographing one specific genre and are ‘experts’ in their field.

Levels of skill and expertise

Like all industries, you will find photographers with different levels of skill and expertise. When newborn photographers are starting out, they want to build their portfolio of images and may offer their services at a cheaper price until they feel that they can call themselves a specialist. All photographers have to start somewhere but in those early days, their experience can be limited. This is something to consider if you feel nervous about safety. For example, a newborn photography specialist should demonstrate:

  • Ability to listen to and help prepare their clients for the shoot
  • Knowledge of soothing babies and keeping them safe and settle through the shoot
  • Posing babies safely and signs to look out for that could mean your baby is uncomfortable or at risk
  • Sound camera and lighting knowledge. Knowing angles to photograph from and the position of the light for those soft, dreamy photographs
  • How to compose an image that is pleasing to the eye
  • Giving new parents a relaxing experience and coaching them through poses
  • how to involve older siblings and making them feel like part of the experience
  • Editing pictures and retouching to give you perfect images every time
  • Willingness to continue learning by updating their skill-set regularly

Experience offered

Any business that you deal with will offer different levels of service. For example, if booking a low-cost flight with Ryan air, you can expect to have to check in yourself, stand in long queues and pay extra for any additional services. However, booking a business class experience with Emirates means that you will pay more but you will have a much more personalised experience and level of service. Ultimately the goal is to reach a destination but your experience as a customer can vary greatly.

It is no different for photography. At one end of the scale, you will have a photographer who simply turns up, takes the photos, does minimal editing, sends you a gallery and hands you everything on a USB. At the other end, a photographer who takes the time to listen to your fears and desires for the shoot and prepares you properly about what to expect. They will offer an amazing experience whilst you are in the studio enabling you to relax and feel safe. They will take the time to meet you in person to show you your photographs and advise you about the best products to showcase your images. Some photographers may even deliver your artwork to your door.

In this respect, the kind of service you want is a personal choice but you can expect this level to be reflected in the photographer’s prices. If you are having your first baby, you don’t know how you will be feeling but you may feel reassured that a specialist photographer will really take care of you and your baby.

hatfield newborn photographer

The cost of newborn photography

Hopefully, it is clearer to see why there are so many variations on the prices different photographers charge. A quick search in Hertfordshire has shown you can pay anything between £50 – over £2000 for your photography.

Newborn Love pricing

Hatfield newborn photographer, Newborn Love charges a session fee that covers the time we spend with you in the studio creating your images and all post-processing. It does not include any artwork. The artwork is purchased separately at your in-house viewing appointment one week after your shoot.

Our clients usually invest between £400 – 900 on their artwork. They have really appreciated the service and experience that we have offered as is evident in our 100% Five-star reviews. You can also take a look at our portfolio of images HERE

If you would like to find out more about an experience with Hatfield newborn photographer, Newborn Love, please get in touch.

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