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February born babies

February born babies have the honour of being welcomed in the shortest month of the year. This post shares some fun facts about February born babies.

February born baby

Aquarius or Pisces?

Firstly, if you are into the idea of star signs your baby will either be Aquarius or Pieces when born in February.

The Aquarius baby is highly intelligent, independent and a free thinker. On the negative, they can become frustrated very quickly. As a result their quick thoughts create a challenge for them to learn to control throughout life.

A Pisces baby has a very sensitive nature and you may find that your own mood can strongly affect the mood of your little one as they are intuitive to the moods of others around them. Due to their sensitive nature, conflict is hard for a Pisces child to cope with and they can retreat into a shell as a result, so lots of love and reassurance is needed to get over this.


A Harvard study of 21,000 children around the world found that February born babies are usually taller and weighed more at age 7 than their peers. A basketball player in the making perhaps?

February babies


Studies have shown that people born in February are creative and are more likely to be artists.

Fame and Fortune

There are apparently a disproportionate amount of celebrities born under the sign of Aquarius! These include Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ed Sheeran as well as some of the greats such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Franklin. D. Roosevelt, Charles Darwin

Rarest birthday

If your baby is born on a leap year, they will have one of the rarest birthdays. You will need to decide when you celebrate the other 3 years of the cycle!

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