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Decorating your nursery

When thinking about decorating your nursery there are many things to consider. These days it seems less common to find the traditional pink for girl and blue for boys decor. Many couples prefer gender-neutral tones whether or not they know if they are having a boy or a girl.

Our guest blogger, Louise is super organised so the perfect person to ask about planning and decorating a nursery. Here is our interview with Louise. She has kindly shared some photos of her nursery as she awaits the arrival of her first baby.

decorating your nursery

When will you/ did you start organising a nursery?

We made a joint decision not to start buying anything until we had made it to the 12-week scan. At the time of this interview, I am 17 weeks pregnant (almost halfway) so we have made a good start. The first step was to empty it as much as possible and then give it a good clean! We have now begun storing bits in there that we want for the nursery.

decorating your nursery

What colour schemes are popular at the moment?

As we have decided to wait and not find out what we are having. Therefore, we have focused on gender-neutral colours which currently include a lot of whites and greys. We thought this looked a little boring, even a little cold. Creams and browns which are warmer so we have been inspired by them. We have noticed that some trends focus on a bohemia style which is lovely. Patterns also seem to be rather popular – either on the walls, curtains or a big patterned rug.

decorating your nursery

Where are you getting inspiration from?

Pinterest and Google have a huge variety of images of different nursery room setups. Seeing these trends has inspired us in the sense that we want to include several features.

When we visited John Lewis and there were some baby rooms setup which was nice to see in person. We are also getting inspiration from others who have children; personal experience from others we have seen what works well in a nursery room and what doesn’t and why. For example, having a blind vs a curtain.

decorating your nursery

We have decided to go with blackout curtains designed by my mother. This is because we want it to be as dark as possible. My mother recommended a fabric shop (curtain factory outlet.) From here, we have chosen a lovely light cream and green design with some animals on it.

Thank you for your ideas, Louise.

If you are interested in finding out about current colour trends for 2020, you may like to look at this blog: Nursery Colour Themes

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