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The best way to choose a newborn photographer

How to choose a newborn photographer

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure about the best way to choose a newborn photographer? It is an important decision and many factors may influence your choice: cost, distance, style and reputation. When you first start looking for a photographer, you may be surprised at the cost of hiring a photographer. At this stage, it is […]

You will love these Nursery Decor Trends (Top 3)

Pregnant woman standing in decorated nursery

The 2024 nursery decor trends are delightful. Although neutrals are still popular and will remain, some of the new styles are stunning. Ultimately, a nursery has to feel right for you and it is a space where you will spend a lot of time so take the time to make it something special. 2024 Nursery […]

Preparing for Baby

10 ways to prepare for baby a picture of a changing table in a newly decorated nursery room

How to prepare for your baby If you are on your countdown? Are you wondering if there is anything you have forgotten to do before you welcome your newest family member? We have prepared this guide to help you and it includes a useful checklist at the end. We hope that everything goes well and […]

How to get children smiling in photographs

Picture of a9 year old girl in a park smiling

Say cheese… then a grimace… So How to get children smiling in photographs? We have all been there. The moment is perfect, so you decide to take a photo of your little one, you raise your camera and… that fake grimace smile! Where did that smile go? Why do they do that? You know how […]

December Babies

December babies

What are December babies like as they grow up? This is a fun blog about the traits and personalities of babies born in this month. December is a month where there are already lots of special occasions and celebrations Babies born at this time of year fall under two star signs: Sagittarius up to December […]

5 Newborn Sleeping Tips

heading 5 newborn sleeping tips

We are sharing our 5 Newborn Sleeping Tips. When babies visit us in the studio, parents always worry that their baby won’t sleep or settle. Sometimes, that happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The most important thing is not to ‘beat yourself up’ about it. Lee and I have been photographing […]

Decorating your nursery

Teddy bear in a cot in a blue nursery

When thinking about decorating your nursery there are many things to consider. These days it seems less common to find the traditional pink for girl and blue for boys decor. Many couples prefer gender-neutral tones whether or not they know if they are having a boy or a girl. Our guest blogger, Louise is super […]

Making your birth plan

Making your birth plan

Are you in the process of making your birth plan? There are many resources out there to help you understand all of your options. So how do you go about making your birth plan? Our guest blogger, Louise has kindly shared her planning process in this blog. Starting your plan A birth plan…how to write […]

Diary of a Dad-to-be

Dad to be

When you are a dad to be, it can feel like all of the help and advice you come across online is aimed at mostly at mums. What is it like when you are the dad trying to support your pregnant partner? The husband of our guest blogger, Louise has kindly shared his experiences so […]

Gender Reveal Scans. Should I wait or not?

Gender reveal scans

Let’s talk Gender Reveal scans. This is a divisive decision. Whether to find out in advance or wait for the surprise. We asked our guest blogger and expectant mum, Louise, about the reasons for her decision about whether to find out or not. We also surveyed other mums and expectant mums to find out what […]