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How to get children smiling in photographs

Picture of a9 year old girl in a park smiling

Say cheese… then a grimace… So How to get children smiling in photographs? We have all been there. The moment is perfect, so you decide to take a photo of your little one, you raise your camera and… that fake grimace smile! Where did that smile go? Why do they do that? You know how […]

Is newborn photography worth it?

Is newborn photography worth it

Is newborn photography worth it? This is a valid question. These days our phones can take pretty incredible photographs. It can be tempting to think you can save yourself money by taking your own photographs. Of course, you will take hundreds from the moment they arrive. You will also LOVE every, single photograph that you […]

How to photograph a baby

How to photograph a baby

Want to know how to photograph your baby at home? We are newborn photography specialists based in Hatfield. You will take 100’s of photographs of your newborn. Therefore why not see how to take the best photos possible at home? When your baby finally makes an appearance, it is natural that you will want to […]

Hertfordshire newborn photographer

Hertfordshire newborn photographer

Lee is a Hertfordshire newborn photographer working alongside Sara in our studio in the centre of Hatfield Business Park. 10 facts about your Hertfordshire newborn photographer #1 I am a wedding photographer Most of you will have come across me in the capacity of a newborn photographer. By trade, I am actually also a wedding […]

Which photos do you take during a newborn photography session?

newborn baby laying on tummy with big wide awake eyes

Want to know which photos do you take during a newborn photography session? When parents turn up to the studio, looking both tired and proud they usually say. “All they do is sleep all the time so it should be fine.” At this point, I usually put my finger to my lips and jokingly say […]

St Albans newborn photographer survey

newborn pink knitted booties

There are the results of our St Albans newborn photographer survey. Sara, a St Albans photographer specialises in newborn photography and she works with her partner, Lee. We want to ensure we give the very best service to our customers. We recently conducted a survey in collaboration with Freshmint Digital to find out more about […]

Choosing a newborn photographer?

newborn photography studio, photographer helps mum pose with her newborn

Choosing a newborn photographer can feel like an overwhelming task. Sara is a St Albans Newborn Photographer, working with families from St Albans and surrounding towns from her Hatfield Business Park studio. As one of Hertfordshire’s leading newborn photographers, I speak to many clients who want to know ‘When should I book my newborn photography […]

Questions about newborn photography

lounge with somfy soafa and coffee

It is natural to have lots of questions about newborn photography. Sara is a St Albans newborn photographer based in Hatfield business park. She is used to being asked about what is involved in a newborn photography shoot. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about newborn photography. Why is it […]

Is baby photography safe?

Newborn baby swaddles in a pink wrap

Is baby photography safe? A question that many new parents want to ask. We have learnt a lot from new parents during the enquiry stage. Firstly, you are certainly not alone in having fears about newborn photography. At Newborn Love, we have worked with hundreds of new and expectant parents just like you. We know […]