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Preparing for Baby

10 ways to prepare for baby a picture of a changing table in a newly decorated nursery room

How to prepare for your baby If you are on your countdown? Are you wondering if there is anything you have forgotten to do before you welcome your newest family member? We have prepared this guide to help you and it includes a useful checklist at the end. We hope that everything goes well and […]

October Babies

Heading October Babies

October babies will be born under the star signs of: Libra (1st – 22nd October) Scorpio (23rd October – 22nd November) If you recently had a baby in this month or are yourself born in this month, enjoy this ‘for fun’ blog. What characteristics and traits can you expect from an October-born baby? A budding […]

The Third Trimester

Picture of pregnant woman with her hands around her bump

The third trimester. Often described as what feels like the longest. Well over halfway and due date is approaching. Our guest blogger, Louise has kindly shared her experiences with us as she counts down to her due date. At the time of writing, she is 37 weeks and 3 days, month number 9. How have […]

Gender Reveal Scans. Should I wait or not?

Gender reveal scans

Let’s talk Gender Reveal scans. This is a divisive decision. Whether to find out in advance or wait for the surprise. We asked our guest blogger and expectant mum, Louise, about the reasons for her decision about whether to find out or not. We also surveyed other mums and expectant mums to find out what […]

The Best Time to Book Your Newborn Photographer

The Best time to book your newborn photographer

If you are wondering when the best time to book your newborn photographer is, this post explains why it’s good to plan ahead. Can I wait until I have had my baby? You can definitely wait. It can seem like a strange concept to book something before you have even had your baby! It is […]

Hertfordshire Newborn Photography

Hertfordshire newborn photograpahy

Hertfordshire Newborn Photography at Newborn Love. We offer families a relaxing and safe experience. Your baby is only tiny for a very short time. The window of opportunity is small. It is definitely a good idea to plan ahead when booking baby’s first photo shoot. When to book Different photographers have different ‘cut off’ dates. […]

5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy

Visiting an osteopath for pregnancy

Herts Pain and Injury clinic tell us 5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy. 1.Symphysis Pubis dysfunction OR SPD Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction tends to present as pain, burning, grinding or clicking at the symphysis pubis (joint in the pubic bone). Pain may radiate into the groin, pelvic floor, front of your thigh or lower […]

1st Trimester – Diaries of an expectant mum

the first trimester

The 1st trimester, what can you expect and what can you start organising? We are lucky to be able to follow the progress of a mum-to-be as she embarks on her journey through pregnancy. As she is still waiting to officially share her news, she will remain nameless for now. This blog is for those […]

10 photos to take before you leave the hospital

10 photos to take before leaving the hospital

Here are the 10 photos to take before you leave the hospital with your baby. If you are not hiring a birth photographer, there are some photographs you must take to ensure that you always remember this miraculous time! You do not need a professional camera to take these, your smartphone will do the job […]

10 Baby shower gift ideas

10 baby shower gift ideas

If you are looking for baby shower gift ideas look no further, here are our 10 baby shower gift ideas. This helpful guide aims to give you some suggestions. If thinking of all the practical things mum and dad will need when baby arrives, we have given some suggestions about these types of presents. However, […]