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The hidden benefits of family photography on your child’s well-being.

Family in the park - Benefits of family photography

Let us dive into the benefits of family photography concerning your child’s self-image and confidence. Do you remember growing up before digital cameras and camera phones? Did your parents display printed images of you and the family around your home? Well, studies show that this could have had a positive impact on your self-image and […]

You will love these Nursery Decor Trends (Top 3)

Pregnant woman standing in decorated nursery

The 2024 nursery decor trends are delightful. Although neutrals are still popular and will remain, some of the new styles are stunning. Ultimately, a nursery has to feel right for you and it is a space where you will spend a lot of time so take the time to make it something special. 2024 Nursery […]

Choosing a baby name

choosing a baby name

Choosing a baby name is an important decision. Where do you start? Perhaps, you have always had an idea in mind. Maybe you hadn’t given it much thought before. We checked in with our guest blogger. Louise to find out how she is going about choosing baby names. How are you going about choosing a […]

Kidney Awareness Month

kidney awareness month

March is Kidney Awareness month. That is one month out of every year where the public is made aware of Kidney Disease. For a sufferer of kidney disease, they are aware of it 24/7 & 365. There is no escaping it. Diagnosis Lee was diagnosed with Kidney failure over 2 years ago. The decline was […]

March born Babies

March babies

March born babies. What fun facts can we bring you about babies born in the month of March? As we head out of a long, cold winter, there is a feeling of Spring in the air. They will be born under the signs of  Pisces or Aries if born in March. CEO in the making […]

The Best Time to Book Your Newborn Photographer

The Best time to book your newborn photographer

If you are wondering when the best time to book your newborn photographer is, this post explains why it’s good to plan ahead. Can I wait until I have had my baby? You can definitely wait. It can seem like a strange concept to book something before you have even had your baby! It is […]

5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy

Visiting an osteopath for pregnancy

Herts Pain and Injury clinic tell us 5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy. 1.Symphysis Pubis dysfunction OR SPD Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction tends to present as pain, burning, grinding or clicking at the symphysis pubis (joint in the pubic bone). Pain may radiate into the groin, pelvic floor, front of your thigh or lower […]

Baby’s first photo shoot

baby's first photoshoot

Are you already planning baby’s first photo shoot? Then take a minute to read through this blog for things you may not know about newborn photography. Things you may not know about baby photography This blog is to help you plan for baby’s first photoshoot because it’s possible you don’t know what to expect. What […]

Getting ready for baby

getting ready for baby

Emily Flax has written this helpful guest blog about her fantastic course ‘Be ready for baby by BABIES‘ which is based in Welwyn Garden City. Be Ready for Baby by BABIES (Birth and Baby, Information, Education, Support) is a fun, practical and informative baby care course for expectant parents. The class is new to Welwyn […]

Hertfordshire newborn photographer

Hertfordshire newborn photographer

Lee is a Hertfordshire newborn photographer working alongside Sara in our studio in the centre of Hatfield Business Park. 10 facts about your Hertfordshire newborn photographer #1 I am a wedding photographer Most of you will have come across me in the capacity of a newborn photographer. By trade, I am actually also a wedding […]