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The hidden benefits of family photography on your child’s well-being.

Family in the park - Benefits of family photography

Let us dive into the benefits of family photography concerning your child’s self-image and confidence. Do you remember growing up before digital cameras and camera phones? Did your parents display printed images of you and the family around your home? Well, studies show that this could have had a positive impact on your self-image and […]

You will love these Nursery Decor Trends (Top 3)

Pregnant woman standing in decorated nursery

The 2024 nursery decor trends are delightful. Although neutrals are still popular and will remain, some of the new styles are stunning. Ultimately, a nursery has to feel right for you and it is a space where you will spend a lot of time so take the time to make it something special. 2024 Nursery […]

Preparing for Baby

10 ways to prepare for baby a picture of a changing table in a newly decorated nursery room

How to prepare for your baby If you are on your countdown? Are you wondering if there is anything you have forgotten to do before you welcome your newest family member? We have prepared this guide to help you and it includes a useful checklist at the end. We hope that everything goes well and […]

How to get children smiling in photographs

Picture of a9 year old girl in a park smiling

Say cheese… then a grimace… So How to get children smiling in photographs? We have all been there. The moment is perfect, so you decide to take a photo of your little one, you raise your camera and… that fake grimace smile! Where did that smile go? Why do they do that? You know how […]

December Babies

December babies

What are December babies like as they grow up? This is a fun blog about the traits and personalities of babies born in this month. December is a month where there are already lots of special occasions and celebrations Babies born at this time of year fall under two star signs: Sagittarius up to December […]

Hygge in the Summer

hygge Summer

How do you ‘Hygge in the summer?’ When thinking about the Hygge lifestyle, it’s easy to think it is more about the physical environment. people think candles, cosy blankets and a pair of lovely snug slippers. Hygge is so much more than creating a cosy environment. It is the art of being present and enjoying […]

June Babies

June Babies

June babies will be born under the sign of Gemini (1st – 20th ) or Cancer (21st – 30th.) This ‘for fun’ blog explores what you can expect from a baby born in this month. Social butterflies Babies born in this month are often social and outgoing earning the name of ‘social butterflies.’ They easily […]

Family Photography Hertfordshire

Family Photographer hertfordshire

If you are considering family photography in Hertfordshire, Newborn Love also offers non-studio photography. Location shoots are a popular option for families with little ones. Sometimes in a studio, little ones can feel uneasy or pressured. Outdoors, they can run, giggle and play hide and seek. Basically they can do all the things kids love […]

Plant-based recipes

plant-based recipes blog

If are looking for some plant-based recipes, these 3 options have kindly been shared by Komal (plant-based mamma) Perhaps you try and stick to ‘Meat-free Mondays’ or you follow a completely vegan diet. Komal says: “I became vegan just over 2 years ago and discovered a new found love for cooking. I want to share […]

Virtual baby showers

Virtual baby shower

Virtual baby showers may be necessary if your family and friends live far away. More recently, this could be for other reasons such as the Coronavirus. Baby showers are becoming a more popular way to celebrate. So, how can you overcome the challenge of hosting a virtual baby shower? Of course, this is still probably […]