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Why print your photos?

Why print your photos

Why print your photos? It’s just so easy to have them on your phone or your device and never get around to printing them. Here’s what happened when I lost 10 years worth of photographic memories. Moving Home I was really excited as I started unpacking the boxes in our first home together. Before we […]

What to buy a new mum

What to buy a new mum

If you are looking at what to buy a new mum then look no further. This helpful guide aims to give you some suggestions for that baby shower. If thinking of all the practical things mum and dad will need when baby arrives, we have given some suggestions about these types of presents. However, why […]

How to prepare for a baby 10 tips

How to prepare for baby 10 tips

So you are pregnant and want to know how to prepare for a baby. Nothing can prepare you for the emotional journey you are about to embark upon. However, there are some practical ways that you can start to prepare. Here are our top 10 tips about how to prepare for a baby as shared […]

Hertfordshire baby photographer

Hertfordshire baby photographer

Your Hertfordshire baby photographer is Newborn Love. We are a specialist newborn studio and photograph babies between 6 – 14 days. This blog is to help new parents learn about newborn photography so that they can make an informed decision. What are your goals? Firstly, consider what is important to you and why. Why do […]

Baby’s first photo shoot

baby's first photoshoot

Are you already planning baby’s first photo shoot? Then take a minute to read through this blog for things you may not know about newborn photography. Things you may not know about baby photography This blog is to help you plan for baby’s first photoshoot because it’s possible you don’t know what to expect. What […]

Booking with St Albans baby photographer

Booking with st albans baby photographer

Booking with St Albans Baby Photographer, Newborn Love is an easy process. Of course, welcoming a new arrival to the family is such a special time and in the days that follow you will no doubt be full of all kinds of emotions. Perhaps you decide to mark this occasion by booking a photographer to […]

Why are photographs so valuable?

photographs displayed on fire mantle

So why are photographs so valuable? A photograph is so much more than a picture printed on a piece of paper, or a digital file somewhere in the depths of your computer or on a device. The image is a moment in time, a part of history that happened and can never be repeated. It […]