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Blogging for the baby business – Part 1

Blogging for the baby business

In this series, blogging for the baby business, I will share things I have learnt that have been really helpful. I only use WordPress so not sure if this will apply to other website building software.

Firstly, I am NOT claiming to be an expert. I have not done any official courses and hold no marketing qualifications. This is just from researching, applying and seeing some results.

In Part 1, we will talk about search terms and keywords.

Know your client

This is such an obvious one but is often overlooked. You need to KNOW your client right down to the small details. Beyond the obvious like age, sex, location, family etc. You need to know where they shop, hang out, what their interests are. Where do they live, go on holiday etc, etc? It is also good to know what her pain points are in regard to your business. What would stop her from working with you? What does she worry about? What does she desire to walk away with after working with you?

I found it helpful to write a story about my client from her point of view. I gave her a name and found a random picture online and that is who she is! When I am marketing, I am trying to talk to her directly.

Know search terms

Where are you currently on Google when you search for your keywords? Before I started blogging, I was on page 7 so practically non-existent! After some time and effort, I managed to get to page 1 (right at the bottom but page 1 none-the-less!)

So once you know who your client is, it’s time to think about what she searches for on Google. What would she type into Google that would bring her directly to your business?

There are a few resources available to help with this. I use ‘Answer The Public’ (be prepared for a strange homepage!) but I typed ‘newborn Photography’ in the search bar and it generates a visual reference of the types of questions people are asking on Google that relate to your business. It is free to use it once per day.

I found this really useful because the questions people were asking gave me an idea about what my blog titles should be.

Google Search Console is another tool you can use to find out the terms people used to get to your website.

blogging for the baby business

List all the search terms you want to rank for

This means all of the words people might type in that link with your business. For example, I wanted ‘St Albans newborn photographer’ to be my main term. However, there are variations such as newborn photographer St Albans, baby photographer St. Albans, Photography studio St Albans. Try and list all of the variations that people might search for. This is a good place to start so you can start planning out some posts. As well as writing a list of search terms, I also wrote a list of questions expectant mums might search for. These don’t have to be directly related to your business. The goal is to get them to your website in the hope they will stay and look around.

One of my most popular blogs was about 2020 Nursery Decor trends. Nothing to do with photography but my Google Analytics showed over 70 visitors to that blog. I can then start to retarget them through my Facebook ads but that’s a whole other blog!

Ok, so hopefully that’s a good start on Blogging for the baby business. Your first action is to write a list of search terms and questions your client is typing into Google…

I just want to re-emphasise, I am no expert. This is just an approach that has worked for me so I can’t offer guarantees it will work for you.

Coming soon… Writing your first blog for your chosen search term.

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