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Baby’s first photo shoot

baby's first photoshoot

Are you already planning baby’s first photo shoot? Then take a minute to read through this blog for things you may not know about newborn photography.

Things you may not know about baby photography

This blog is to help you plan for baby’s first photoshoot because it’s possible you don’t know what to expect. What questions should you be asking? Not all newborn photographers are equal and all offer different levels of service, experience and artwork. Once you begin researching, you may become overwhelmed with choice.

Here are our top 5 facts about newborn photography that you might not be aware of.

Not all photographers are trained

It’s hard to believe but not all newborn photographers have taken the time to invest and train in their craft. It is one thing to be able to take a good photograph but quite another to be able to pose a newborn baby safely. If safety is a priority for you, look for a newborn photography specialist. This is someone who exclusively photographs newborns and are experts in their field. It is just not worth your baby’s safety to hand them over to someone inexperienced. The only indication of safe practices currently is a ‘Newborn Safety Certification’ awarded by the Master Photographer’s Association.

baby's first photoshoot

You should book before your baby is born

This usual is what gives the biggest surprise. So often we get calls from new parents with a 4 week old baby asking for a newborn session. Often we are unable to accommodate them for two reasons. Firstly, newborn photographers reserve sessions well in advance. Secondly, 4 weeks is past the window of time when many photographers will photograph a newborn. We recommend reserving a session as soon as you have had your first scan. the photographer will pencil in some potential sessions around your due date. Once your baby has arrived, they will work out the best time within those first 14 days. Which leads us onto…

baby's first photoshoot

7 – 10 days is the ideal time to photograph a newborn

This is the time when your baby has those unique features that will soon disappear. For example, the ability to curl up into those fetal shapes, the soft, wispy hair and pouty lips. They are still nice and sleepy at this stage and less likely to be disturbed when being moved and posed. Also, both parents are usually on maternity/paternity leave so can be in the photographs also. Whilst many photographers will continue to photograph outside of this time frame, many will insist you visit before 14 days. Most photographers work from due date rather than the birth date.

baby's first photoshoot

A session can last up to 4 hours

This often surprised parents when they hear a session can last this long. The reason for this is that sessions should be baby-led. This means they will work at the pace that your baby dictates and is comfortable with. Allowing this length of time means it is possible to stop for breaks and feeds as needed. There is no rush.

Some photos are composites

You may have seen some gorgeous or complex poses that you are keen to replicate and many of these are composite images. This means they are made up of 2 -3 separate images which are then put together in post-processing. The reason for this is so that your baby is safe and supported at all times.

baby's first photoshoot

If you are currently pregnant and planning baby’s first photoshoot, we would love to tell you more about our newborn photography experience.

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