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What to expect
at your Baby Photoshoot

The Baby Photoshoot Experience

Unfortunately, we can’t promise that your baby photoshoot will be as relaxing as a newborn a newborn shoot! Sessions with older babies, particularly those that are mobile, bring in that delightful touch of unpredictability and fun (and sometimes chaos)!

Whether we are dancing around and pulling funny faces or doing silly voices for older babies or chasing after cake-covered babies, it is certain to be a fun experience.

A typical baby photoshoot lasts 1-1.5 hours in the studio. We work in a baby-led way so work at a pace that you and your little one are comfortable with. We try to avoid booking more than one session per day so that we can dedicate the time to you. That also means we can be flexible to fit in around nap times so that your little one is at their best and not too tired or overwhelmed.


Baby Photoshoot

Features & Benefits

Here are some things about our studio that will
make your visit as comfortable as possible

Designated Parking

Off-street parking is available with direct access into the studio space.  We send ‘Where to find us’ instructions too.

Comfortable Studio

Our studio is on the first floor, accessible only by stairs. We have a comfortable environment waiting for you.

Toilet Facilities

We have a bathroom is available for your use conveniently on the same floor as the studio. No need to keep using the stairs!


We will collect information about your dietary requirements before you arrive and you can enjoy some delicious refreshments.

Private Feeding

Need to feed in private? no problem, we will leave you in peace until you call us back. There is no hurry at all.

Wifi Code

Quite often you will want to be able to browse on your devices or log in to the Wifi code to keep siblings entertained.

What to expect before your baby photoshoot

Preparing for a stress-free baby photoshoot.


We will send a full preparation guide that will give you tips on preparing at home, what to bring, clothes to bring, what to expect at the studio and directions about where to find us.

Upon arrival, expect a warm welcome and a cup of your favourite refreshment. We will already have found out any dietary requirements in our pre-session consultation form. Our goal is to put you at ease as soon as possible so we are not in a rush to get started. We’ll begin with a casual chat. We will then explain our session plan emphasising that it is all about following your baby’s lead. That means we can change and adapt to suit your baby.

We will photograph your baby alone, in various set-ups and then with family and siblings if applicable.

What to expect after your baby photoshoot


Before you leave the studio, there will be an opportunity to have a look at all of the beautiful art products we have so that you can start thinking about how you would like to display your images.

Artwork Consultation

We invite families back to the studio to enjoy a slideshow of their images one week after their baby photoshoot. We can advise and help with the design process. This session usually lasts up to 45 minutes.

Baby Photoshoot Artwork Delivery

If you are ordering just digital products, these will be ready after one week once we have put the final touches to all of the editing. For physical products, these can range from 3-4 weeks depending on production & shipping times with our supplier in Italy.

What would you like to know about next?

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We know you will still have questions so hopefully we have answered everything here. If not, why not get in touch

Can I still have a baby shoot with my 4-week-old?

Can you still have a baby photoshoot, even if your baby is no longer a newborn?

Sometimes there are reasons that you are just not able to get to a photography studio to get photos of your baby as a newborn. Many photographers will have a fairly strict time frame in which they photograph newborns. We also used to only photograph babies up to 21 days and then not again until 3 months. The problem was, that so many new parents got in touch a few weeks after baby was born as they just didn’t get around to it. Then we were turning them away meaning they were missing out on capturing beautiful images of their baby!

There are so many reasons that new parents might not make it to the studio in those first couple of weeks. Perhaps too overwhelmed to think about it. Maybe an unexpected extended stay in the hospital or too much pain to be moving around. Often C-section mums need slightly longer to heal too.

It is possible to have a baby photoshoot, even if your baby is outside of the newborn window of 21 days. You just have to be aware that the photos will look a little different and the session will run a little differently.

Baby photoshoot differences

If your baby is only just outside the first 20 days, it is likely the session will run similarly to a newborn session. However, they may be more alert and sensitive to touch meaning they are more awake. The older they get, the more alert they are so it is unlikely that you will get sleepy, curly poses. But you will get something just as memorable and beautiful. Open eyes, cute smiles, and those hilarious expressions that babies make. We can still create lovely family portraits and include siblings too!

In our signature neutral and earthy palette, we will create some beautiful images that you will treasure just as much forever!

The Rushbys Experience

Our home studio is very relaxing and calm, a place often described as ‘spa-like’ by our visiting families. It is a cosy and safe space in which to create those family memories for you to add to the walls of your home. You are welcome to be involved in the shoot or take the opportunity to sit back and relax.

Baby Photoshoot Summary

  • It IS possible to photograph your baby even if they are outside of the ‘newborn window’
  • Your baby will likely be awake and wriggly so think eyes open and cute expressions rather than curly, sleepy images (sometimes even the older babies do fall asleep though)
  • The memories are still just as precious and you can truly enjoy those cute little faces for many, many years to come.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss a baby photoshoot for a slightly older baby 🙂