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August Babies

Are you expecting an August baby? This ‘for fun’ blog explores what you can expect from a baby born in this month.

Star Signs

Babies born in August will either fall under the star sign of Leo up to 22nd or Virgo.

The Boss

“Confident, strong and organised. August borns are likely to be the boss They make naturally strong leaders, because of their charisma and because of their confidence.” source

Like minds

It is said that babies born in this month are very compatible with others born the same month. Whether that be in the relationships or work life.

Smart but difficult

The big personalities that Leos and Virgos possess are apparent very early. “Leo children and Virgo children are both very smart. Even as babies, they tend to be developmentally ahead,” Source

School woes

They are the youngest in the class (or the oldest if born at the beginning of the next month!) For some it is not a problem but others may struggle as they are developmentally further behind their older classmates but that doesn’t mean they will be delayed!

August babies

Gimme the spotlight

They love to entertain. Whether it be singing, dancing, performing, telling jokes. They love to be in the spotlight!


They make good teachers, builders politicians apparently!

Other famous August borns

  • Barack Obama
  • Robert De Niro
  • Princess Margaret
  • Bill Clinton
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Usain Bolt

Have you got an August Baby due, already have an August baby or are August babies yourself? Comment below if any of the above applies 🙂

August Babies

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