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5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy

reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy

Herts Pain and Injury clinic tell us 5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy.

5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy

1.Symphysis Pubis dysfunction OR SPD

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction tends to present as pain, burning, grinding or clicking at the symphysis pubis (joint in the pubic bone). Pain may radiate into the groin, pelvic floor, front of your thigh or lower abdomen.

Ladies with symphysis pubis dysfunction often have difficulty walking, going up and downstairs, standing on one leg, getting in and out of the car and turning over in bed.

Symphysis pubis dysfunction is thought to be caused by a variety of factors;

  • pelvic instability and/or asymmetry,
  • increased lumbar lordosis (curve of the lower back),
  • weakened muscles,
  • rectus diastasis
  • poor hip function
  • Hormonal factors   – leading to hypermobility
  • Over doing-it whilst pregnant
  • Poor posture
  • Lack of exercise pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy
  • Weight gain
  • Previous pregnancies
  • Increased maternal age
  • Previous difficult labours

Our Osteopaths will look at how your body functions as a whole and work with you to regain optimal function. This may involve stretching out muscles, mobilising joints or giving you exercises to work on any weaknesses. Working with your Osteopath throughout your pregnancy can help alleviate or prevent these symptoms from occurring.

2. Pelvic Girdle Pain

This is where you get pain around the pelvis, it tends to swap from side to side and is often associated with low back pain and/or pubic pain. The pain tends to be worse when weight bearing or twisting e.g. turning in bed or getting out the car. It can also cause referred pain.

This again is thought to be due to the pelvic instability as a result of the hormonal changes, altered posture and weight gain.

An osteopath can identify any instability or asymmetry and help you address it with a combination of treatment and exercises.

3.Coccyx pain

Coccyx pain is more common in women due to the shape of their pelvis anyway…The added weight gain, hypermobility from pregnancy hormones and the altered pelvic positioning puts more pressure on the coccyx and increases the chances of suffering from coccyx pain whilst pregnant.

By working on the musculature that attaches onto the coccyx and the joints around the pelvis, we can help take the pressure off the coccyx and improve the symptoms.

4. Back pain

Throughout your pregnancy, your posture changes drastically. The changes that occur, will be different in every woman and every pregnancy. It’s important that your body is able to adapt to these changes. If it can’t adapt to the changes, you’ll start to notice aches and pains. An Osteopath will be able to help you adapt to these changes, making you much more comfortable.

5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy

5. Hip pain

As your bump grows throughout your pregnancy, you may find you start to turn your hips out when you’re walking to make it more comfortable. This can put a strain on your hip joints. If your hips are generally ok and you have no issues pre-pregnancy, then you should be able to cope with this adaptation for the time that you are pregnant. If however, you have an underlying hip issue that hasn’t been addressed you may find that you struggle to cope with this change.

An Osteopath can work on your pelvis, low back and hips to help you adapt to these changes. They can also advise what to avoid and certain exercises that may benefit you!

5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy

Don’t suffer in silence! Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you should be in pain!

Hopefully, you found out ‘5 reasons to visit an osteopath during pregnancy’ helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact Laura if you think she can help you.

If we can help you with your photography needs, please contact us too 🙂

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