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You will love these Nursery Decor Trends (Top 3)

The 2024 nursery decor trends are delightful. Although neutrals are still popular and will remain, some of the new styles are stunning. Ultimately, a nursery has to feel right for you and it is a space where you will spend a lot of time so take the time to make it something special.

2024 Nursery Decor Trend #1 Is Grandmillenial Chic

This is a great word to describe the concept and the one that most aligns with our business values. This is all about making sure that history and heirlooms make an appearance. This could be photographs of family mounted in reclaimed frames. Old toys, teddies, and books from your childhood on display. There would be a touch of vintage evident, like quilts or floral bedding/curtains. Of course, this will mix beautifully with new and modern pieces (safety tested)

Grandmillenial Chic

#2 Woodland replaces the safari theme

Safari has been a very popular nursery decor trend but this looks set to be replaced by more of a woodland theme. Nature-inspired nurseries have an earthy, warm feeling to them feel to them. Large woodland murals look set to be popular as a feature wall. Think more hand-painted than cartoon-vibes. Of course, the woodland theme is a great way of bringing the outdoors in so furniture will be in a natural finish and plants will bring that extra something! This theme also ties in with the fact that green hues seem to making a comeback this year.

Nursery decor trends 2024

#3 Bold Browns

The beige tones, whilst still popular are set to be joined by a bolder choice of browns – think coffee and chocolate. The earthy warmth of bold browns will add a chic feeling to your nursery as well as create a calm and welcoming space. To add to the warmth of the room be sure to include different hues of brown linens and soft furnishings as well as dark wooden furniture. It will be a ‘chocolatey’ heaven.

So there are also many other 2024 nursery decor trends but these are the 3 that we love the most.

Other trends include:

  • Textured walls
  • Modern rattan
  • Modern meets vintage
  • Maximalized walls

Hopefully, now that you are past the 20-month scan stage, you can start thinking about how you want your nursery to look and you can start planning the perfect space for your baby to be.

Of course, don’t forget about the artwork you will need to include of your baby!

At Newborn Love, we can create images that will complement your decor, just let us know at the booking stage what your ideas are and we will bring elements of your theme into your images.

Please fill out the Contact Form to let us know your plans and we will be in touch to tell you more about our sessions.


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