The Rushbys



Husband and wife team, the Rushbys prove that opposites attract

Lee on Sara...

The Rushbys About Us - Lee

Lee is my complete opposite in every way but we balance each other out perfectly. A typical Libra, Lee is neither a planner or a worrier (he leaves that entirely to me.) He loves food and is a really good cook – my waistline can vouch for that.

Lee is methodical with a strong eye for detail and loves following things step by step, he can’t deviate from the method. He is definitely the technical one when it comes to photography meaning your photographs will be beautiful. His car is pristine and camera kit is always put away where it belongs. He is a soppy dog dad even if I am our dogs favourite human – if she wants to make me jealous, she cuddles up to him instead.

In his spare time, he loves to paint Warhammer miniatures (there is that eye for detail in action) and I like to make fun of him about it. Lee literally cannot get away from me ever… he is currently carrying my right kidney in his body after I donated to him in December 2022!

Lee on Sara...

As Sara said, we are complete opposites!

Where I am the thinker, Sara is the doer. Not much would actually get done around here without her. She’s the one that ensures your print orders go in on time, but more often that not, orders needs to be changed as she is sometimes not the most detail oriented person I know.

She is usually juggling several tasks, and her brain has moved on to the next one before she has finished what she is currently doing, normally resulting in the tasks taking longer than they should and slowing her down even more.

However, she is the kindest person I have met, proven by the fact that she gave me one of her kidneys back in 2022.

Always worrying about something irrational. If I’m out with friends and I haven’t noticed a text message from her, she’s quick to assume something terrible has happened rather than just thinking I’m busy watching football and chatting rubbish with friends.

However, she’s my ride or die and now she’s stuck with me.